Canada lynx often use this log to get across the water, but the mist and the time of day make this crossing look rather spooky.

Lynx, which look like a long-legged version of Maine’s bobcat, is classified as federally threatened and is a species of special concern in the state, according to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

The animal, once thought nocturnal, actually hunts during daylight or nighttime hours and eats snowshoe hare primarily, although it will eat other prey, MDIF&W said. Lynx are common in Alaska and Canada and in recent years have started moving back into the United States.

At one time, Maine was the only state with a resident breeding population, but now Montana, Washington and Minnesota have them too. They are being reintroduced to Colorado as well, according to MDIF&W.

Note in this video by frequent contributor Allie Ladd that it’s easier to see the lynx’s features in the reflection in the water than on the actual animal crossing the log.

Thank you Allie for another great glimpse at Maine’s wildlife.

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