The Wabanki Alliance hosted a rally on Oct. 9, 2023, at the State House in Augusta to mark Indigenous People's Day and call on voters to support Question 6, a November referendum that would restore the state's tribal treaty obligations to the Maine Constitution. Credit: Billy Kobin / BDN

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Since 1876, some parts of the Maine Constitution have basically been hidden from its people, including treaty obligations toward the Wabanaki. The state inherited these obligations when we separated from Massachusetts, and they still remain in effect. Mainers should be able to easily access and read all of our constitution.

As we review and work to improve the relationship between the state and the Wabanaki nations, it is especially important that this history is accurate and transparent. A “yes” vote on Question 6 on next week’s ballot would require the printing of the entire Maine constitution, including the Articles of Separation. Please vote “yes” on 6.

Mary Beth DiMarco