The eagles in this video by Allie Ladd, a frequent contributor to BDN, bring the term “food fight” to new levels.

Raptors can be very territorial, especially when it comes to food. This mature bald eagle and what appears to be an immature bald eagle both want the same meal.

Eagles primarily eat fish from Maine’s lakes, streams and rivers, but they also will eat carrion.

Eagles look for prey opportunities in which they won’t get wet. If they do have to dunk for fish, they use their wings as oars to get ashore and hang out there to let their feathers dry, according to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

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Julie Harris is senior outdoors editor at Bangor Daily News. She has served in many roles since joining BDN in 1979, including several editing positions. She lives in Litchfield with her husband and three...