HERMON, Maine&nbsp- A local restaurant that has been operated by two different families for the last eight years is closing its doors at the end of next week because of high energy and food costs.

The current owners of the Hermon Family Restaurant, Leo and Rhoda Mayhew, declined to comment officially, but the restaurant had signs posted inside and out that indicated the facility would close Aug. 17.

“Due to rising energy and food costs and a questionable economy, Rhoda and I have made the decision to end our management of Hermon Family Restaurant,” a sign inside the restaurant stated. “We thank you all for your loyal support and we will miss you.”

Ann H. Wheeler, a Hermon resident who ate lunch there Monday, said she was sad to hear the news.

“I enjoyed having a place close to home,” she said while leaving the restaurant. “The food was good, the prices were good. Where am I going to go now?”

The Mayhews had operated the restaurant for the past four years. Before that it was owned and operated by Walter Munn Sr., who opened the 40-seat facility in 2000.