BELGRADE, Maine (AP) – A highly aggressive form of milfoil has been discovered in a central Maine lake, the only place other than a gravel pit where Eurasian water milfoil’ s been spotted in the state.

Biologists last Friday discovered the invasive plant in Salmon Lake, which is part of a chain of several lakes in the Belgrade area including Great Pond. Biologists and lake association members plan to meet Thursday night to discuss the best way to eradicate the Eurasian milfoil.

The only other Maine water body where that form of milfoil has been found is a small gravel pit in Scarborough. Eurasian milfoil’ s more invasive than another form called variable-leaf milfoil, which has been found on nearby Messalonskee Lake.

Maine Environmental Protection Commissioner David Littell says it’ s fortunate the Salmon Lake infestation was discovered. Littell says the containment and removal of the Eurasian milfoil is being aggressively addressed.