Pastor Warren lied

The big dodge was on. Preacher Warren and Sen. McCain: “We’ll let Obama go first so you can hear the question.”

Of course Warren denies that and we all know preachers and senators don’t lie, unless it’s to their advantage. WMD’s anyone?

Barry McSorley


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Global warming deferred

I keep hearing and reading how horrible global warming is and how drastic measures are needed now to stop it. With the heating oil price crisis expected in Maine this winter, maybe these drastic measures should be delayed. We are going to need some of that global warming. I don’t want to hear about people freezing to death this winter.

The LIHEAP program is a joke with the benefit at $415, which will provide at most a couple of weeks of heat. The politicians in Washington are playing with people’s lives. They don’t give a hoot whether people freeze. They take off on their 5-week vacations — the poor darlings, they are so overworked from doing nothing!

The people who are screaming about global warming now are the same people who screamed we were entering an ice age in the early 1970s. I wish they would make up their minds. The argument that off-shore drilling won’t show any results in 10 years is baloney. The other night on TV I heard the ex-CEO of Shell Oil Company say they could rapidly bring this oil to market and plenty of it.

We should never have been put in this position in the first place. The public policy of us being dependent on foreign oil from potential enemies is ridiculous. This is a matter of national security and the health of our economy. Oil is our economic lifeblood. For now there should be offshore drilling, but the Democratic politicians don’t want it because it will offend their environmental friends and supporters. Politics should be left out of it. Plenty of regular people who vote Democrat say they want offshore drilling. We need our own oil now.

Tom Coleman Sr.


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Proud of Collins’ candor

I nearly choked on my coffee when I read a recent letter to the editor calling Sen. Susan Collins an “embarrassment” after she spoke her mind regarding John Edwards’ affair.

Where is the justice? The only person who should be embarrassed is Edwards. Going on national TV to admit he cheated on his sick wife and then lying about it must have been sickening for everyone involved.

As for Sen. Collins being embarrassed about giving an honest answer to a question that was asked her, I believe just the opposite. She should not be embarrassed about being honest. What is this world coming to?

If we look at the long list of achievements of Sen. Collins and how she has distinguished herself in the U.S. Senate as one of the most effective, hardest working members, Maine and its voters (I being one) should be incredibly proud.

Kelly Cotiaux


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Two-way street

It’s good for Lee Academy to expand its enrollment by recruiting Chinese students and teaching English in China (BDN, Aug. 14). It’s good for the school, and they hope to fund a $2 million renovation. It’s also good for Chinese students who want to attend American universities, make contacts with American employers and get high paying jobs in America.

But I wish American academics were more concerned about preparing American kids for global competition. Our kids need to learn the languages, have the international experiences and make the contacts to help them be successful, competent and worldly. Just sitting next to Chinese students in their Maine classroom doesn’t do the job.

And we should expect the same openness and generosity for our kids that we extend to others. Let’s see a story about Maine kids attending high school in China, learning Chinese, attending Chinese universities, getting high paying jobs and starting successful businesses in China.

If politicians and academics want to convince us that globalization is good for Americans and that globalization is not colonization, then we need more evidence this is a two-way street. And we should be able to raise these questions without being accused of xenophobia or being overly America-centric.

Doris T. Watkins


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