AUGUSTA, Maine — A second man faces charges stemming from a May home invasion in Pittston where a father and daughter were severely injured in a machete attack.

Daniel Fortune, 20, of Augusta, who previously had been named as a potential suspect in the attack on William and Nicole Guerrette, is being held on charges connected to a November 2007 theft of more than $111,000 from the Guerrette home.

On Thursday, Fortune was indicted on four counts of aggravated attempted murder. Fortune also was indicted on one charge of attempted murder, in which three other Guerrette family members are named as victims, as well as charges of robbery and burglary.

In a May interview, Fortune denied any connection to the attack.

Fortune’s roommate and foster brother Leo Hylton, 18, was indicted in June on attempted murder charges in connection with the attack on the Guerrettes and has pleaded not guilty.