CALLIE AMBER BROWN 27th Birthday! The years of laughter and of tears Also fun times and of fears These are the memories we hold dear, they are how we keep you near. Until we come to be by your side we pray that you will be our guide. Love forever and a little longer. Mom, Dad, Joshua, Cayte, Grammie, Auntie Shanny, Tia, Auntie SuSu, Harold, Grampie Norman, Betty, Grammy Sheila, Grampie Randy, Uncle Rusty, Aunt Tina, Anthony, Eric, Dakota, Aunt Sharon, Uncle Ron, Amanda, Jami, Dylan, Ethan, NeyNey, Missi, Cody, Kyla, Kena, Aunt Cena, Carrie, Janis, Jay, Shawn, Shayna, Macy, Megan, Aunt Carolyn