Nov. 16, 2000 – June 26, 2003 Though my journey was a short one and now heaven is my home, remember that I am not far away when you feel cold and alone. Glance outside your window as the winter winds will blow.. I am the tiny diamond glints you see upon the snow. When the earth awakens from the cold and everything seems new, look to the fields of blossoming wildflowers.. I placed them there for you. As the sun shines through your window and you feel a slight embrace, know that I am always there.. I am the warm sunshine on your face. Remember in the depths of autumn, in the quiet morning’s hush, I will be there encircling you with a swift uplifting rush. When you’re feeling sad and lonely, and you feel you can’t go on, look for me where ever you are… I am here.. I am not gone. We miss your smile, Your laughter, your hugs, forever loved, our Spencer J. Mommy, Joey, Grammie. Poem by W. Bemis