AUGUSTA, Maine — On Wednesday, the Maine Democratic Party filed a complaint with the Maine Ethics Commission, claiming that Paul LePage failed to disclose his use of a company car on his campaign finance disclosure report. The party claims LePage should have listed the car as an “in-kind” contribution.

LePage was reimbursed more than $750 for mileage on the company car. But the Democrats’ legal counsel, Dan Walker, pointed out that mileage reimbursement is only intended to apply to a person’s own vehicle.

“This is just further proof that LePage thinks the laws of the state of Maine do not apply to him,” Arden Manning, the Democrats’ campaign manager, said in a statement. “If he is willing to play this fast and loose with the rules as the mayor of Waterville, what would he try to get away with as governor?”

The LePage campaign responded by saying that Marden’s allows the car to be used for personal use and that LePage pays for gas in those instances — an explanation that Manning said does not fit in with Maine’s law.

The LePage campaign also accused Democrats of attempting to distract voters — an allegation leveled repeatedly by both sides in recent weeks.

“This is just one more mud-slinging attempt by Libby Mitchell to cover up her decades of job-killing taxes,” campaign consultant Brent Littlefield consultant said in a statement.