DEDHAM, Maine — Camp CaPella launched a new project this week to help raise capital and endowment funds for the camp on Phillips Lake that caters to children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities.

The camp has created a Memories for a Lifetime Garden, which is reached by a Garden Path and its own Yellow Brick Road.

For $100, contributors may purchase 8-inch-by-4-inch bricks to be placed in the Garden Path. For $250, the bricks can be placed in the Memories for a Lifetime Garden or the Yellow Brick Road. For $500, donors can purchase 8-inch-by-8-inch bricks for $500 to be placed in the Memories for a Lifetime Garden or on the Yellow Brick Road.

Each brick will be engraved with the name of the contributor, the name of a special person in their lives, the name of the organization purchasing the brick or simply a date and time to be memorialized.

During the seven-week 2010 summer season, four weeks were open to children from 5 to 13 years of age, two weeks for teens and one week for adults, with 137 campers participating in all.

Camp CaPella also was host to agencies that support people with disabilities — including Downeast Horizons, OHI, Yesterday’s Children, Common Sense Housing, Muscular Dystrophy Family Support and Club Chameleon — which brought in 460 additional campers.

Despite a down economy, Camp CaPella raised sufficient funds to meet its operating budget for the 2010 fiscal year — ending Sept. 30 — which included paying off a deficit from its 2009 fiscal year.

In addition to operating costs, money was raised for capital improvements that included doubling the size of the parking lot. An overnight camp option for campers planned for next summer will enable families outside the immediate area to send their children to Camp CaPella.

“This was a tough year for fundraising, and our success showed us how much our community really cares for Camp CaPella,” said Dana Mosher, executive director.

Earlier this year, the camp announced that the Doris Buffet’s The Sunshine Lady Foundation would purchase the property and facilities of the camp as part of a gift of up to $500,000. Camp CaPella now has an interest-free and payment-free mortgage on the facilities. In five years, if the organization is able to meet operating budget, Camp CaPella will own the property outright.

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