Everybody seems to have their favorite scenes in “The Sopranos.” Philip M. favors the especially gory scene when Phil get his head squashed (in front of the grandchildren) by a car right after getting shot.

For Wassim R. it is the extended love story between Tony and that horse, Pie-O-My. Kimberly simply cannot forget when the gang took Pussy (Big Pussy, not Pussy Malanga) for his last boat ride.

We devotees know them all so well that only first names of the characters are required.

Graham W. is not very discriminating. He says “my favorite moment is every second of every show.” Cynthia M. might have some relation problems of her own since she admits special pleasure in watching Janice blow a few holes in her obnoxious suitor, Richie. After he made the fatal mistake of punching her.

“Whataya gonna cry now?” the soon-to-be-dead Richie said as he shoveled some pasta into his face. Bang.

Brad B. is a bad man who probably roots for Michael Vick, that part-time dog killer and full-time football player. Of all the shows and all the characters and all the shootings, Brad’s favorite scene is when Christopher shoots up (between the toes) on the couch, falls back and crushes Adriana’s dog to death. That led to Christopher’s highly unsuccessful intervention.

Like the murderers, drug dealers, loan sharks and serial adulterers in his close circle had enough moral authority to tell Christopher to get off heroin, or even scotch.

I have my own Soprano addiction, one that has lasted until this very day. Other than “Lonesome Dove,” it is the best thing I have ever seen on television, and that includes “Wonder Woman.”

When the Sopranos Facebook site asked fans for their favorite scene last week, it was engulfed. I stopped looking when the numbers reached the high 900s. After all, I have things to do.

Such as watch the show. Every single day at 3 p.m. on A&E. It’s not like I have a heavy schedule, other than driving David Grima around, from pillar to post. I may use him as a deduction this year.

Yesterday, the show was pre-empted by some goober in a cowboy hat who kills snakes for a living. I never got the name of the show because I turned it off so fast.

A lot of people chose the last scene which, of course, ended ambiguously with the Soprano family sitting around an order of onion rings in their favorite diner with various suspicious types coming and going. Blackout. We never knew who lived and who died.

I have decided that Tony was killed in a hail of bullets in front of his family before the main course arrived.

I decided earlier that Tony, despite all his sympathetic qualities explored in his (gorgeous) psychiatrist’s office, must die. That was after he snuffed Christopher in the car wreck.

I have always maintained that was the high point of the show.

Christopher was a liability to the gang, since he was a junkie who wanted to write movies about gangsters. Talk about a loose cannon. When Christopher, loaded to the gills, rolls over his car and almost kills Tony, the decision is made. Christopher took off his seat belt to change the radio station and his chest was crushed in the accident.

Tony pulls out his cell phone to call 911. He calls 9-1. Then he stops. He decides then and there that Christopher must die. He clamps his hand over Christopher’s nose and mouth until he dies, quietly.

It was totally unexpected. It was the best.

Even better than the shooting of Pussy or Richie and even the caveman battle with Ralph.

God, I hope it’s back on A&E this afternoon.

I hate snakes.