On Wednesday, the sports report noted the recent wins by the Bangor Rams basketball teams over the Lewiston Blue Devils.

There is no “I” in teams, but there is an “s”. I find it discouraging and poor reporting to note only one team’s win. The front page of the sports section has a multi-paragraph story and large picture of the boys’ win. You have to turn the page to see if the girls team won and that, again, is overshadowed by more story and another boys team picture. The girls’ more significant scoring, 72-19, is referenced by two small paragraphs.

In the interest of reasonable reporting, why not split the front-page story on the entire Bangor basketball program, with a picture from each of the games and the associated stats? Don’t set the two teams apart, I’m sure they both represent Bangor with significant and equal pride.

Bart McGraw


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