ROCKLAND, Maine — A Spruce Head man is sitting in Knox County Jail charged with committing a slew of crimes, including threatening to kill his wife after she threatened divorce, according to court documents.

William Waldron, 46, of Spruce Head is charged with domestic violence assault, domestic violence terrorizing, possession of a firearm, aggravated criminal trespass and violating conditions of release involving two alleged crime sprees.

Waldron’s wife filed a protection order against her husband in March after the two had been out drinking together one night. When the couple got home, she accused him of cheating and he pushed her. She told Waldron that was it and began to pack her backpack to leave, which is “when he grabbed me by the hair of my head and threw me onto the bed and hit me in the face,” she wrote in the protection order, which was granted.

According to the complaint, Waldron kept beating her and threw objects at her. After a while he demanded she get into bed. Once they were both in bed, he began to apologize and she told him it was OK, “just so I would get through the night,” she wrote.

About one week later, on April 7 — after she’d filed for the protection order, but before it was served — the wife was out of the house with a friend at the Rockland Dunkin Donuts when Waldron spotted her. He grabbed her arm and pulled her about one block before they ran into Rockland Police officer Lloyd Daniels, she told police. Daniels asked the couple what was going on, and Waldron explained that they wanted to work on their relationship. The wife, however, said nothing at that time.

“She finally agreed to go with him to his [hotel] room at the Tradewinds,” Daniels wrote in his report filed on April 8 in Knox County Superior Court.

When the two made it to the room, Waldron’s wife explained her feelings about the relationship and how she could no longer be married to him. She told Waldron she had to leave the hotel, but he said she wasn’t going anywhere.

She began yelling for help when he put his hand over her mouth. “He made her get into bed and have sex with him even though she did not want to,” Daniels wrote in his report. Throughout the night she tried to sneak out of bed, but he’d pull her back down. By morning he began to punch her and started running the bath, telling her he would drown her, according to the police report.

“If I go to prison, it will be worth it,” Waldron said.

Throughout the morning whenever she tried to escape, Waldron pushed his wife into a wall, choked her and punched her as she tried to escape, the police report states.

Eventually, the wife saw a young woman go by the hotel window. She began pounding on the window yelling “help me.” When Waldron saw the young woman, who called police, he ran from the hotel.

While he was missing, Rockland police charged Waldron with domestic violence assault, domestic violence terrorizing and violating conditions of release.

Then, 12 days after the hotel room incidents, Waldron knocked on an apartment house door in Thomaston. When a resident opened the door, he demanded to know where his wife was. When the resident said she didn’t know his wife, Waldron grabbed the woman by her arm and entered her apartment, according to a Thomaston Police report. After a look around, he left and the resident called police.

Before police arrived, Waldron asked people outside the apartment house and in different apartments in the building if they knew where his wife was. No one knew.

Soon, Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Maine State Police and Thomaston Police arrived. Neighbors who knew Waldron told officers that he was in a nearby apartment with a “large kitchen knife [and] he had a shotgun,” court documents state. Police did a brief search of that apartment and found Waldron hiding underneath a pile of clothes in a bedroom closet.

He was brought to Knox County Jail where he remains held on $8,000 cash bail. His next court appearance will be May 25.