I’ve attached three recent photos of our neighborhood fox family. They show an ever-vigilant mother and kits that are looking more and more like little foxes! Here’s some stats from Wikipedia that you may find informative. Fox kits first leave the den at four weeks, usually weaned at eight weeks and become independent at five to six months. Both parents are active in raising the young. Perhaps some of our photos have pictured both the male and female at different times. I don’t think I’d know the difference.

While tracking a common yellowthroat through the underbrush at Essex Street Marsh, waiting for a clear shot, this rose-breasted grosbeak landed on a branch just a few yards away from me. Not only did he land close to me, but also moved into the light and faced the camera. I got several clicks before he flew away.

I noticed the pied-billed grebe while departing and it too, posed for a few seconds before diving and moving out of range. The Essex Street Marsh remains a magical place … for me!

The yellow warbler photo was taken along the Stud Mill Road near a crossing brook. There were several there, but this one was most persistent in having his image recorded.

It was a wonderful week in the Maine outdoors.