The Boston Herald and the Boston Globe announced recently that they have reached an agreement that will allow the Globe to print the entire press run of the Herald.

The agreement, which is in effect for 10 years, finishes a process begun in 2012, when the two media outlets announced that the Globe would print and deliver about one-third of the Herald’s print circulation.

“The newspaper industry, as well as other traditional media companies, has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. In the face of that change, it has never been more important for newspapers to implement ways in which they can be more efficient,” said Herald Publisher Patrick Purcell. “The Herald and The Globe both recognize this. While we will continue to compete for readers and advertisers, we also recognize that we can serve those audiences better and longer by cooperating in areas that are cost effective.”

Richard E. Masotta, Globe vice president of operations, said: “This is an important component for the future of our business. This allows the two major publications in Boston to coordinate in order to better meet the structural challenges of our industry.”

In January 2012, The Globe began printing and delivering the Herald’s city edition Sunday through Friday, as well as the newspaper’s full press run on Saturdays. The Globe and the Herald remain separate companie