Legion baseball

State Tournament

At Augusta

Saturday, July 27

Play-in games

A1: Windham 12, Madison 4

A2: Bangor 10, Moody’s Collision (Gorham) 0, 8 inn.


Wednesday, July 31

G1: Pastime (Lewiston) 3, The Red Barn (Augusta) 1

G2: Bangor 14, Fayette-Staples (Saco) 0, 7 inn.

G3: Westbrook 8, Windham 7

G4: Staples Crossing (Marshwood) 10, Brewer 3

Thursday, Aug. 1

G5: The Red Barn (Augusta) 11, Fayette-Staples (Saco) 10, Fayette-Staples eliminated

G6: Windham 8, Brewer 2, Brewer eliminated

G7: Bangor 9, Pastime (Lewiston) 5

G8: Westbrook 9, Staples Crossing (Marshwood) 8

Friday, Aug. 2

G9: Windham vs. Pastime (Lewiston), 11 a.m.

G10: The Red Barn (Augusta) vs. Staples Crossing (Marshwood), 1 p.m.

G11: Bangor vs. Westbrook, 3:30 p.m.

Saturday, Aug. 3

G12: Loser G11 vs. Winner G9*, 11 a.m.

G13: Winner G11 vs. Winner G10, 3 p.m.

Sunday, Aug. 4

G14: Winner G12 vs. Winner 13**, noon

G15: Winner G12 vs. Winner G13 (if necessary), 3:30 p.m.

*-Pairings for G12 and G13 will not match previous opponents unless absolutely necessary.

**-If three teams remain after G13 the winner of G11 receives G14 bye.

State tournament winner advances to Northeast Regional tournament at Middletown, Conn., Aug. 8-12.

All-Star Tourneys




(At Mansfield Stadium, Bangor)

Saturday, July 27

G1: Bangor 9, Sebasticook 0

G2: Holbrook 9, Brewer 5

G3: Hampden 12, Old Town 2

Sunday, July 28

G4: Bangor 11, Houlton 3

G5: Hampden 9, Holbrook 4

G6: Old Town 7, Brewer 4, Brewer eliminated

Saturday, Aug. 3

G7: Sebasticook vs. Holbrook, 4 p.m.

G8: Old Town vs. Houlton, 7 p.m.

Sunday, Aug. 4

G10: Winner G7 vs. Winner G8, 4 p.m.

G9: Bangor vs. Hampden, 7 p.m.

Monday, Aug. 5

G11: Winner G10 vs. Loser G9, 7 p.m.

Tuesday, Aug. 6

G12: Winner G9 vs. Winner G11, 5 p.m.

G13: G12 teams, if necessary, 7:30 p.m.



Cyndi Whalen

NEWRY — Cyndi S. Whalen of Hampden recorded a hole-in-one on the 95-yard 16th hole at Sunday River Golf Club Tuesday. Whalen used a 9-iron to notch the ace, which was witnessed by Terry Burke, Kathy Constantine, and Kathy Anderson.


At Country View

Best Ball of 2: Gross: Helen Plourd, Jean Sweetser 78, Shirley Kile, Yukiko Bigney 81, Bobbie Andrus, Becky Gamage 81, Cindy Shaw, Vicki Lindquist 84, Terry Hamm-Morris, Peg Buchanan 84, Net: Darlene Soboleski, Arlene Davis 62, Esther Sexton, Pat Nelson 63, Jacauie Drapeau, Pearl St. Pierre 63, Diane Pooler, Jeanne Laplante 63, Bobbi Berry, Norma Michaud 63, Skins: Gross: No. 8 Cindy Shaw 4, No. 17 Esther Sexton 4, No. 18 Diane Pooler 2, Net: No. 3 Pearl St. Pierre 3, No. 6 Jacquie Drapeau 3, No. 10 Karen Dunbar 2, No. 11 Esther Sexton 3, No. 12 Pearl St. Pierre 3.



Twilight League — Front 9: Team: 2 Net: 26: Jon Henderson, Greg Solomon, Ed Ripley, David Bean, Dick Cattelle, Greg O’Donnell Jr.; Back 9: Team: 4 Net: 27: Tom Thorne, Jeff Teunisen, Warren Brooks, Bill Farthing, Paul Druppel; Pins: No. 4 Jon Henderson 2-0; No. 6 Abe Chase 8-8; No. 14 Jeff Teunisen 14-9; No. 16 Chip Haskell 7-6

At Bangor Muni GC

Ladies Day, Blind Partner — Gross: 1. Brenda Crosby-Evelyn Bouchard 81. 2. Shirley Kile-Gwen Archambault 81. 3. Sandy Meehan-Ruth Harper 83. Net: 1. Cyndi Whalen-Darthea Tilley 57. 2. Gloria Attenweiler-Gwen Archambault 62. 3. Kathy Constantine-Claudette Amoroso 63. Pins: 3 Shirley Kile 41-4. 6 Brenda Crosby 10-5. 11 Kathy Anderson 32-0. 16 Judy Richard 33-5. Putts: Sandy Meehan 28.

At Hermon Meadow

Thursday Senior League — 1. Ron Jones, Roy Leighton +10, 2. Lou Rosebush, Dave Musselman +9, 3. George Cyr, Kenny Taylor +8, 4. (tie) Bruce Ireland, Bill O’Rourke +7, Harold Newman, Jim McInnis +7, Mike Dunphy, Joel McCluskey +7; Most Points: John Gallant, Pins: No. 3 Roy Leighton 7-2, No. 16 John Gallant 4-2, Skins: No. 1 Dave Musselman, No. 2 Roy Leighton, No. 7 Matt St. John, No. 13 Ed Baum, No. 16 John Gallant, No. 17 John Gallant

At JaTo Highlands

Couples Night — 1. Richard Jordan; Laura Jordan; Charles Gebhardt; Barbara Gebhardt: 34; 2. Barry Webster; Sharon Webster; Jay Cole; Roger Cole: 35; 3. Frank Burnell; April Burnell; Keith VanScotter; Andraya VanScotter: 37; 4. Scott Jordan; Betty Goodwin; Bill Gardner; Helen McBreairty; 38

At Traditions GC

Couples League — 1st: Wayne and Irene Woodford, 29.6; 2nd: Shaun Down and Marcia Biggane, 30.4; 3rd: Don and Susan Payne 30.6; 4th: Bob and Sue Collins, 30.7; 5th: Brian Ahern and Danielle Burke 31; 6th: Bob and Kathy Anderson, 31.6; 7th: Grant and Joy Standbrook 32; 8th: Dick and Nancy Hogan 32.5; 9th: Tony and Dot Cerbone, 34; 10th Andy and July Feeney, 34.5; Pins: Men, No. 7 Bob Collins, 12-6; Women, No. 8 Kathy Anderson 39-0.

Men’s Senior League — 1st: Robbie Robinson, Scott MacArthur, Larry Emery, 33; 2nd: Don Ouellette, Lew Rose, Bob Gillis, 34; 3rd: Jeff Waring, Skip Commeau, Greg Hudak, 35; 4th: Roger Theriault, Terry Pangburn, Don Payne, 36; 5th: Burt Payson, Tom Giroux, Jay Kemm, 36; Pin: No. 8 Roger Theriault 14-2

At Kebo Valley GC

Men’s Twilight League:

Inner 9: 1. Chris White +3, 2. Duane Bartlett +2, Dennis Blanchard +2, Thomas Cahill +2, Basil Eleftheriou +2, Jerry Hartson +2; Outer 9: 1. Richard Dow +4, 2. Ron Baracka +3, Jim Willard +3, 3. Jim Barkhouse +1, Jim McFarland +1, Peter Richardson +1; Pins: 4 Thom Goodwin 33-5, 6 Chris Schleif 24, 9 Thom Richardson 21-8, 15 John Hanscom 27-11; Kebo Boys Gross Skins: 1 Chuck Starr, 2 Peiter DeVos, 8 Robert Hall, 9 Rocco Fucetola, 15 Jonah Brum, 16 Paul Bean

At Piscataquis CC

Thursday Night String Scramble — Net: 1. Wayne Clukey, Debbie Wasilewski, Dave Garland, Wayne Chase, 24; 2. Bob Sawyer, Glen Sakahara, Dave Draper, Roger Millett, 25; 3. Bill Kirby Mike Schnider, Bill Carston, Ralph Armstrong, 25; 4.Bill Pinkham, Frank Rollins, Dave Leland, Bob Bradford, 27; 5. Rick Klien, Peter Drummond, Dave Clukey, Mike Brown, 27; 6. Jason Gogan, Sue Leland, Charlie Packard, Chuck Libby, 27; Pins: No 6. Dave Garland 17-2 Bill Kirby 17-4

At Dexter Muni GC

Ladies Day Scramble — Pat Tobin, Sue Leland 38 Jane Sigston, Sheila Campbell, Barb Greenberg 43

Senior Scramble — D. Richardson, Herb Tenney, Tony Mayo, Bob Plant 30 Gary Sawyer, Ron Goldstone, Don Swain, Steve Pelletier 32

Two Man Scramble — Gross: Jeff Campbell, Brody Campbell 31; Net: Ryan Wilks, Lucas Jewett Jim Bob Hartford, Shane Baxter 32 Kenny Welch, Jimmy Davis 33; Pins: No. 13 Ryan Wilks

Harness racing

Northern Maine Fair

At Presque Isle

Friday’s starters, 6 p.m.

First, Pace, $2,500

1. Western Tales, G. Bowden

2. Casimir Ms Luck, S. Thayer

3. Life of Finesse, H. Campbell

4. Sundial Hanover, K. Hafford III

5. Economical, H. Campbell

Second, Pace, $2,300

1. Do You Know Louise, B. Blanchard

2. You Silly Goose, Da. White

3. McPfast Bluegrass, C. Nye

4. She Don’t Know, K. Switzer

5. Lick It Tee Quick, K. Hafford III

6. Mystical Tenor, G. Bowden

7. Woman Manager, Da. White

8. Just Lovey, TBA

Third, Pace, $4,500

1. Fast Ben, S. Thayer

2. Raytheking, R. Lanpher III

3. Hustler Hall, G. Mosher

4. OHM Like Clockwork, H. Campbell

5. Sun Beau Slick, C. Nye

6. Mac N Ernie K. Switzer

7. Fireball Fred, G. Bowden

Fourth, Trot, $2,600

1. Ja El Blaze, K. Switzer Jr.

2. Janco, TBA

3. Marry Me Maddie, H. Campbell

4. Dropofthehammer, G. Mosher

5. Pimlicos Treasure, K. Hafford III

6. Flash Commando, C. Nye

Fifth, Pace, $2,800

1. Fox Valley Lector, K. Switzer

2. M G Girl, H. Campbell

3. Tymal Stealth, C. Nye

4. Gimmesomeroom, H. Campbell

5. Scottin Bliss, S. Thayer

6. I’m All Sporty, G. Mosher

7. Notin Fancy, H. Campbell

Sixth, Pace, $5,500

1. Coconut Cove, H. Campbell

2. Wannahuckaloogi, S. Thayer

3. A As Glory, G. Mosher

4. Romania Hanover, R. Cushing

5. Artesa, C. Nye

Seventh, Pace, $2,600

1. Stonehouse Baran, H. Campbell

2. High Calibre N, G. Bowden

3. Dream One Up, S. Thayer

4. Skyway B, H. Campbell

5. I Scoot Richard, K. Switzer

6. Truponder, C. Nye

7. Fort Hamilton, G. Bowden

8. M G Frederique, K. Hafford III

Eighth, Pace, $6,500

1. Real Special, H. Campbell

2. Mr Nice Guy, K. Switzer

3. Players Ball, M. DeRuntz

4. Haverford Hanover, S. Thayer

5. For Now, S. Thayer

Ninth, Pace, $5,500

1. Getmeoutofdebt, R. Cushing

2. Indigo Artist, G. Bowden

3. Rawdon Gold Digger, H. Campbell

4. Lifeontherange, S. Thayer

5. Hay You Hellion, C. Nye

6. Ghostbuster, L. Stone

7. Grimbys, K. Switzer

Tenth, Pace, $3,300

1. Pilgrims Toner, S. Thayer

2. To Do List, C. Nye

3. Pennthouse, B. Blanchard

4. Chianaglia, S. Thayer

5. Woodmere Humdinger, H. Campbell

6. B Rock Solid, H. Campbell

Eleventh, Pace, $2,300

1. Double Down Yankee, C. Nye

2. Flex Fuel, K. Switzer

3. Brewster, R. Goodblood Jr.

4. XLB Chili, H. Campbell

5. MD Hardlys Success G. Mosher

6. Wesgem Princess, G. Bowden

7. A Weekend, G. Bowden

Thursday’s results

First, Pace, $10,242

2. C C C, K. Ireland 2.20-2.20-2.10

1. Star Studded Cast, M. Athearn 2.20-2.10

5. Pembroke Popeye, H. Campbell 2.10

T-2:07; Qu. 1-2, $4.20; Ex. 2-1, $2.40; Tri. 2-1-5, $5.20

Second, Pace, $2,700

3. Devil May Care, S. Thayer 3.40-2.80-2.60

4. Velvety Smooth, K. Switzer 2.60-2.40

2. Stirling Beauty, R. Goodblood Jr. 3.80

T-1:58.3; Qu. 3-4, $6.20; Ex. 3-4, $9.60; Tri. 3-4-2, $18.40; DD 2-3, $3.60

Third, Trot, $10,242

3. Bickmore, G. Mosher 2.20-2.20-2.20

4. Pembroke Castaway, H. Campbell 2.20-2.40

1. Maine Cast, M. Cushing 2.40

T-2:07.2; Qu. 3-4, $5.20; Ex. 3-4, $5.60; Tri. 3-4-1, $10.80

Fourth, Trot, $3,300

2. Puss In Boots, G. Mosher 4.20-3.00

4. Barbells, C. Nye 4.60

1. Crystal Downs, K. Switzer

T-2:03; Qu. 2-4, $15.20; Ex. 2-4, $36.60

Fifth, Trot, $9,846

4. Race Me Liberty, I. Davies 4.20-2.20-2.10

1. Lucy From Hebron, M. Athearn 2.40-2.10

5. Cranmeadow Willow, L. Gasbarro III 2.10

T-2:06.2; Qu. 1-4, $5.40; Ex. 4-1, $11.40; Tri. 4-1-5, $15.80

Sixth, Pace, $5,000

5. Art’s Sake, R. Cushing 6.80-5.40-2.60

3. Extreme Measure, H. Campbell 3.40-2.40

2. Flatrock Chocolate, G. Mosher 2.40

T-1:57.4; Qu. 3-5, $7.00; Ex. 5-3, $17.60; Tri. 5-3-2, $133.40

Seventh, Trot, $4,600

4. Darowen, H. Campbell 11.20-3.00

3. Shining Ember, I. Davies 3.20

1. She’s A Hasty Honey, R. Goodblood Jr.

T-2:04; Qu. 3-4, $14.40; Ex. 4-3, $21.40

Eighth, Pace, $2,600

3. Electric Syl, K. Switzer 3.40-2.20-2.10

5. B Thea One, H. Campbell 2.40-2.10

4. Saku, R. Cushing 2.10

T-1:59; Qu. 3-5, $7.20; Ex. 3-5, $13.60; Tri. 3-5-4, $31.80; DD 4-3, $22.60; Total Handle: $14,792


At Thundering Valley Raceway

St. Albans

Kid Kart Exhibition: KC Luczko (Vassalboro); Box Stock No. 1: 1. Hunter Luczko (Vassalboro) 2. Mason Allen (Presque Isle) 3. Emma Ladd (Sebec); Box Stock No. 2: 1. Hunter Luczko (Vassalboro) 2. Mason Allen (Presque Isle) 3. Emma Ladd (Sebec); Jr Sportsman No. 1: 1. Brigid Casey (Dover-Foxcroft); Jr Sportsman No. 2: 1. Brigid Casey (Dover-Foxcroft); Sportsman No. 1: 1. Austin Teras (Windham) 2. Max Cookson (Pittsfield) 3. Caleb Ladd (Sebec); Sportsman No. 2: 1. Austin Teras (Windham) 2. Max Cookson (Pittsfield) 3. Alex Ferland (Canton); Sr Champ Animal No. 1: 1. Jason Morse Sr (Ripley) 2. Todd Rollins (St Albans) 3. Dustin Gerow (Clinton); Sr Champ Animal No. 2: 1. Steve Marden (Parkman) 2. Jason Morse Sr (Ripley) 3. Todd Rollins (St Albans); YANKEE Trophy Move of the Day: Mason Allen (Presque Isle)



BANGOR, Aug. 20

The first football practice for Bangor boys entering grade eight at the Cohen and Doughty Schools is set for 8:45 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 20 at the Doughty School field. To join, all registration forms must be submitted or updated at either school office by Aug. 19. For more info, contact coach Gary Capehart at 990-1378 or 631-6233.



Golf, Aug. 19-21

Tryouts for the Bangor High varsity golf team will be held on Aug. 20-21 at Bangor Municipal Golf Course. Contestants will play nine holes each day. Rounds will start at 9 a.m. both days. A mandatory meeting will be held at Bangor Muni on Monday, Aug., 19, 9 a.m. For more info call or email Rob Jarvis at 941-0232 or robjarvis@pga.com


Wednesday, Aug. 14

There will be two sessions held for parents and athletes for Brewer High fall athletics, due to construction at the high school. The event for parents and athletes is at the Brewer Community School’s Performing Arts Center at 92 Pendleton St. Session I at 6 p.m. is for football, girls and boys soccer and golf; Session II at 6:30 p.m. is for cheerleading, field hockey and cross country. Breakout sessions with each program will follow. All student-athletes must have a physical on file prior to Aug.19 as well as a pre-screening with the ImPact Concussion testing. Sessions for concussion pre-screening will be offered prior to Aug. 19 at the Brewer Community School. All other paperwork goes directly to the coach on Aug. 19, the first day of tryouts/practices. Tryout/practice schedules are located on schedulestar.com. For more info, contact AD David Utterback, 404-5700 or dutterback@breweredu.org


Thursday, Aug. 15

Hermon High School’s fall athletic information meeting is at 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 15 in the Hermon High auditorium. This is a required meeting for all fall athletes and parents. All Hermon sports begin on Monday, Aug. 19. The practice schedule is: cross country 6-6:30 p.m. (high school); field hockey 5-7 p.m. (high school); football 8-10 a.m., 5-7:30 p.m. (high school); golf 2:30-4:30 p.m.(Hermon Meadow GC); boys soccer 7-9 p.m. (high school), 5:30-7:30 p.m. (elementary school); and girls soccer 4-6:30 p.m. (elementary school). For more info, contact Stephanie Biberstein at 848-4062 or email bibersteins@hermon.net


Thursday, Aug. 15

There is an informational meeting for all student-athletes and their parents/guardians on Thursday, Aug. 15 at the Lawrence High School gym, starting at 6 p.m.

All teams will be holding tryouts/practices beginning on Monday, Aug. 19. Students must bring with them a signed LHS Athletic Code Contract, proof of insurance, signed emergency card, and proof of a recent physical examination by a doctor. Parent signatures are required. These forms may be picked up at the Lawrence HS main office Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more info contact AD Bill MacManus, 453-4200 ext. 2250 or a coach.

First tryout/practices on Aug. 19 at high school fields — cheering: 4:30 p.m; cross country: 8 a.m.; field hockey: 8 a.m., 4:30 p.m.; football: grades 9-12, 7:45 a.m., 10-12, 4 p.m.; golf: 5:30 p.m.; boys soccer: 7 a.m., 4:30 p.m.; girls soccer: 8:30 a.m., 6 p.m.

Football equipment issued: grades 10-12, 4 p.m.; grade 9, 5 p.m.


Tuesday, Aug. 6

The Maine Central Institute Fall Sports Information Night will be held on Tuesday, Aug.6, 6 p.m., in Parks Gymnasium, students interested in participating in fall sports and their parents are invited to attend. Preseason begins Monday, Aug. All forms need to be completed before this date in order to try-out. Freshmen and juniors are required to have a physical prior to the preseason date. Forms are available in the Athletic Office, Business Office, at the meeting, or MCI’s website www.mci-school.org/athleticforms. For more info, contact the MCI Athletic Office 487-4461.


Wednesday, Aug. 7

Orono High School sports physicals will be held from 8 a.m.-noon Wednesday, Aug. 7, at Orono High School. Cost is $10 and checks can be made payable to Orono High School.

Sunday, Aug. 18

Orono High School Fall Sports Parent-Athlete Information Night will be held at 6 p.m. at the Orono High School gymnasium.


Tuesday, Aug. 13

An informational night for Penobscot Valley High School athletes and their parents will be held at 6 p.m., Aug. 13 at the PVHS study hall. All athletes planning to play soccer or golf this fall need to attend this meeting with a parent.


Tuesday, Aug. 13

Schenck High School will hold a meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 13 for all parents, players, and coaches for its fall sports. Please use the gym’s back door for entrance. Athletic policy and paperwork for the student-athletes will be covered. All papers must be turned in prior to first practices on Aug. 19. For more info, contact AD John Montgomery at 746-3511.