KITTERY, Maine — Two suspected dealers have been charged with selling an extremely potent form of synthetic marijuana as part of a major operation that allegedly included sales to undercover agents in the Seacoast region of Maine and New Hampshire.

Kyle Hurley, address unknown, and Robert Costello, of Lawrence, Mass., are facing federal charges of conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute controlled substances.

The two are being held without bail after their arrests on March 28 following a three-month investigation by agents from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

The probe took undercover agents to locations around the Seacoast, including Kittery, as well as Hampton, Portsmouth and Seabrook, N.H. It’s not clear whether there were any additional related arrests.

Agents were also led to a barn on Jacobs Well Road in Epping, N.H., where one of the accused dealers claimed batches of synthetic marijuana were mixed in cement mixers. Several boxes were removed from the home on the night of March 28, but agents at the scene wouldn’t talk about their investigation.

Hurley and Costello were nabbed after allegedly making one last deal with agents at an undisclosed location in Portsmouth, N.H., where they sold more than 30 bags weighing approximately 500 pounds, according to an affidavit by Mark Clifford, a York Police Department detective assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Portsmouth Tactical Unit.

Costello allegedly delivered another 30 bags that day and was then arrested.

Hurley was also arrested after agents agreed to pay $500,000 for the synthetic marijuana, of which $250,000 was handed over just before the arrest.

The two allegedly admitted to the extreme potency of the product known in the past by the brand names “Spice” or “K2.”

At one point during conversations with undercover agents, Costello allegedly commented, “My stuff is stronger than anyone’s out there,” the affidavit said.

He allegedly told the agents that when selling the products to customers they should tell them that they were “800 times” stronger than other synthetic marijuana on the market.

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