ROCKLAND, Maine — Coast Guard officials said that a Good Samaritan vessel rescued a fishing boat that started to take on water Saturday night on a ledge just south of Vinalhaven.

No one was hurt during the incident, which happened at about 8 p.m., according to Joseph Puterbaugh, the officer of the day at Coast Guard Station Rockland. He did not release the names of the people or boats involved in the rescue.

“The vessel hailed the Coast Guard and told us they had run aground,” he said Sunday.

Crew members drove to a quarter mile to the dock where the boats are kept and launched the 25-foot boat and headed to Point Ledge. When the Coast Guard vessel was about halfway there, another boat was able to respond to the fishing boat in distress, Puterbaugh said.

“It took them into tow and got them released from whatever they were hooked on,” he said.

The boat that had run aground took on a substantial amount of water while it was being towed to Carver’s Harbor on Vinalhaven, he said. By the time they got to the pier, the distressed vessel was riding very low in the water, with just eight or so inches of freeboard left.

“Once they got hauled out, everyone was fine,” Puterbaugh said.