FREEPORT, Maine — An alert employee was quick to put out an electrical fire in a receiving area at Bow Street Market Monday morning, but the store was closed until afternoon while firefighters ventilated the building and some produce was removed.

The fire already was out when firefighters arrived at about 8:30 a.m. Monday, Deputy Chief Eric Sylvain of the Freeport Fire Department said Tuesday.

As an employee was repairing a piece of electrical equipment, two wires touched, causing the outer casing of the wires and shrink wrap to ignite.

Sylvain said the fire was not large enough to set off any alarms or sprinklers, and the employee put it out with a dry chemical.

“Unfortunately, with dry chemicals and the way the wind was swirling, [some of] the food and groceries have to come out,” Sylvain said. “We had to ventilate the main grocery store and the upstairs office.”

Sylvain said damage was estimated at $10,000 to $15,000 between lost product and business during the closure. But he added that the employee’s quick action likely saved the market from a far more serious loss.

“That sprinkler head was right above [the fire],” he said. “If that had got going — then you’re talking major water damage.”

The market reopened by noon, according to manager Jim Frey.

“It probably happened in the best place it could have happened, right next to the doors [of the receiving room],” he said. “All the doors were closed, and the chemicals didn’t come out to the sales floor.”