by Ardeana Hamlin

of The Weekly Staff

When clients step into the reception area of the building that now houses George Adams CPA, they encounter an abundance of natural light, comfortable leather upholstered seating, a wide screen TV and an inviting ambience.

Adams’ office is a pleasant, tastefully decorated space in which a place of honor on one wall is given to a portrait of Luca Paciolo, the Italian mathematician born in 1445 who is considered the father of accounting. “It’s nice to have him backing me up,” Adams said, smiling.

The vintage building at 450 South Main St. in Brewer once housed a barber shop. In October it became the home of the business owned and operated by George Adams, a certified public accountant who holds a master’s degree, summa cum laude, in business from the University of Massachusetts. The building, which started out as a log cabin, Adams said, went through a complete makeover that included replacement windows, siding, a metal roof, plumbing and electrical upgrades. The contractor for the work was Don Grant Building Contractor of Hudson.

“People didn’t recognize it,” said Li Adams, who serves as her husband’s receptionist for the business. “It’s very nice for people to see [the changes in the building], nice for the neighborhood.”

“It’s far and above what we used to have,” Adams said of the new location. The previous location of his business was on the second floor of a building on Acme Road. The new location gives the business greater visibility and is more convenient for clients, Adams said.

In addition to the building upgrades, Adams said he had installed a state-of-the-art security system and a mail slot in the front door so that clients can drop off at any hour of the day documents pertaining to the work he is doing for them. His clients, he said, are primarily business owners in the real estate, service, retail and manufacturing sectors. He also specializes in doing accounting for nonprofit organizations.

“Confidentiality is always protected,” Adams said.

Adams who has been in business as a CPA for 20 years said this was the first time he has owned his own building. “It’s comfy and cozy,” he said. “Our clients love it.”

Adams got his start on the path into the world of accounting in a bakery when he was working on his undergraduate degree. “I washed dishes and did other jobs,” he said. “The bakery owner saw I had a skill with numbers so he asked me to help him with the the bookkeeping — balancing the checkbook. That was the bottom rung of the start of my career.” After that experience, Adams said, he decided that he did, indeed have a talent for numbers, which spurred him to pursue a career as a CPA.

Adams said he puts a high value on communication, a skill essential in his role as a business consultant and financial adviser. “I try to help [business owners] navigate to success,” he said.

“He is a business survival specialist,” said Li, as she patted the silky head and ears of Rex, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel that greets clients at the business. “Our clients stop by just to visit him. We are dog friendly and some of our clients bring their dogs with them,” she said.

“I do a lot of reading to stay current with what’s happening in the accounting world,” Adams said.

Adams takes pride in the fact that his is a family owned and run business, with only himself and Li as staff. “I want to stay small. I don’t want to compromise the quality of our service. Our clients see us friends.”

Adams’ website,, not only informs visitors of the services he can provide, it aims to educate and offer useful information about taxes through its “Cafe” pages. “I try to make it creative and fun. What people don’t know about taxes can hurt them,” he said. He hopes that website visitors will learn something from the articles he has written and posted on the “Cafe” pages that will “help them get to success.” Topics include how to save on taxes and protecting financial privacy.

“Accounting is the universal language of business,” Adams said. “I’m proud to be a part of that.”

George Adams CPA office hours are 1-7 p.m. Monday through Friday, and by appointment on Saturdays. He spends the morning hours doing on-site client work.

For information, contact George Adams CPA at 989-2700, 801-8089 or