SANFORD, Maine — A girl from Maine won an audience with the president. The 9-year-old from Sanford was looking for some help making friends and turned to the White House.

Katie Osmer wrote to President Barack Obama asking him if he had any advice on how she could make friends at St. Thomas, where she goes to school.

The president’s response caught everyone — especially Katie — by surprise.

Katie sent her letter more than a year ago. Months later, President Obama wrote back, suggesting Katie join local clubs.

The response, alone, from the president was exciting for the 9-year-old, but it got even more exciting for Katie. Earlier this month she got an invitation to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

Katie will be going to Washington, D.C., next week for the special occasion.

She said the president’s letters have been the boost she needed to put herself out there.

“I kind of push myself and go up and find things that I have in common [with other students],” Katie said.

Since this all started, Katie has joined four clubs and made a number of friends. Her story has even inspired strangers, who have been donating to her GoFundMe page to help her raise the money she needs to get to Washington next week.

If you’d like to help get Katie to Washington, click here .