PORTLAND, Maine — Anthem says it has mailed letters to all current and former members affected by a massive data breach, which Anthem says it learned about Jan. 29 and disclosed Feb. 4.

A spokesman for Anthem told Portland television station WGME, CBS 13, that 531,000 people, just in Maine, were impacted by the cyberattack, a much greater number than previously reported.

A previous report suggested the breach affected about 300,000 Mainers.

Anthem has been sending letters to affected customers across the country. The last batch of letters reportedly was mailed March 30 and sent to current and former Anthem members dating back to 2004.

Hackers stole names, dates of birth, social security numbers, addresses and other private and personal information. The breach did not appear to involve medical information or financial details, such as credit card or bank account numbers, Anthem has said.

Victims are responding. CBS 13’s investigation found more than 75 class-action lawsuits filed in federal court. One is a $5 million suit filed by a Brunswick man. The suits generally claim Anthem failed to safeguard personal information and challenge Anthem’s data security practices.

Anthem is not commenting on the pending lawsuits.

The company is offering free identity protection services through AllClearID. You can get additional protection with credit monitoring services.

“If you were a member of an affected plan at any time since 2004, you are eligible to sign up for the credit monitoring and credit ID repair services,” Anthem’s Rory Sheehan wrote in an email to CBS 13.

For more information, visit anthem.allclearid.com or call 1-877-263-7995.