OLD TOWN, Maine — The husband-and-wife team of Barry and Lori Dana of Solon paddled to a first-place finish in the Penobscot River Whitewater Nationals Regatta’s open canoe mixed division Thursday.

The Danas recorded a time of 1 hour, 11 minutes, 23 seconds in the F14 class over the 9.5-mile course from Old Town to Eddington in the first day of the four-day regatta.

Eva Dana and Bill Deighan finished second in the race with a 1:12:37 time, edging the third-place team of Sandy and Ben Pearson in 1:13:18. Abbey Verrier and Angus Deighan (1:13:28) and Clayton Cole and Cheryl Daigle (1:14:12) rounded out the top five.

Caitlin and Dale Cross finished sixth (1:19:24), and Mary Hartt and Gary Brooks (1:12:24) placed seventh.

Age-division races also were held in several other two-person canoe divisions.

River and William McDuffie captured first place in the ages 10-16/25 and over division with a 1:16:34 clocking in the F16 class. The junior-senior division is for one paddler ages 10-16 and another paddler age 25 and over.

James Mabee and Ashton Mabee notched a second in the division with a time of 1:17:18, and Gus and Jerry Madore finished third in 1:21:52.

Rounding out the division were Koa and Rick Farnsworth (1:22:33), Ryan Linehan and his son, Ryan (1:25:33), Adam and Brian Roth (1:29:45) and Jacob and Timothy Gallon (1:33:46).

In the junior/senior division for the F14 class, Tommy and Jeff Owen placed first with a time of 1:13:29 and were followed by Katie Owen and Will Siegfried (1:14:10) and Phoebe and Eric Jones (1:20:03).

Champions also were crowned in a mixed division in the F16 class with Chip Loring and Ander Thebaud finishing first with a 1:14:28 clocking. They edged the second-place team of Lynne McDuffie and Keith Havens (1:15:03) and third-place finishers Ellen Mallory and Eric Gallandt (1:15:27).

Finishing out that popular race class were Scott Nelson and Lynn Hempen (1:17:54), Bob Martin and Robin Hogg (1:18:26), Michael and Laurie Sproul (1:18:53), Mark Ranco and Susan Soctomah (1:19:02), Nicole Grohoski and Benjamin Meader (1:19:24), Hannah Rubin and Stanley Levitsky (1:20:48), Susannah Owen and Terry Wescott (1:24:24), Alan Stearns and Kathleen Friday (1:26:31), Martin Hamilton Fiona Sorenson Hamilton (1:26:54) and John and Molly Picone (1:46:20).

In canoe racing, the two classifications deal with width. In F14, the width must be at least 14.375 percent of the length, and in F16, the width must be at least 16 percent of the length.

Kayak competitors also took part in the regatta with Ray Wirth of Belfast winning the kayak short race with a 1:13:16 time. The race for the next three places was tight with Carl LaFreniere placing second (1:15:12), Brian Foley taking third (1:15:27) and Brian Beaupre finishing fourth (1:15:48).

Rounding out the kayak finishers were Dick Kelley (1:17:25), Leslie Gregory (1:17:30), Tim Nutt (1:19:24), Dan Baumert (1:20:34) and Suzanne Carlson (1:30:56).

Two youth two-person canoe races also were contested over a short course.

The results for those races were: (ages 13-15): Brock Thorne and Cree Neptune (24:05), Nolan Mabee and Ashton Mabee (25:52), Phoebe Jones and Gus Madore (26:42), Minsis Sapiel and Liliana Sapiel (27:35) and Damon Galipeau and Irving Sapiel (27:50); and (ages 10-12): Tommy Owen and Katie Owen (24:02), Aliya Sapiel and Sheylee Sapiel (25:31), Shea Hines and Ben Galipeau (29:35), and Jaeden Sockbeson and Claire Mackenzie (34:25).