ROCKLAND, Maine — Former Rockland Harbor Master Ed Glaser took out nomination papers Wednesday morning for one of two available seats on the Rockland City Council.

Glaser is the first person to take out papers.

The seats held by Mayor Louise MacLellan-Ruf and Councilor Larry Pritchett are up for election this year. Both said last week that they had not decided yet whether they will seek re-election.

Glaser was harbor master for 12 years before he was fired in January by then City Manager James Chaousis, three weeks before Glaser was to scheduled to retire. Chaousis said at the time that Glaser ignored City Council and city manager directives and violated city policies concerning employee harassment and the use of the internet and emails on the job. He also cited Glaser’s “demonstrated lack of judgment regarding professional conduct and colluding with other public officials.”

Glaser issued a statement Wednesday on his decision to run for council.

“As a longtime engaged citizen and Rockland’s former harbor master, I’ve seen firsthand when local government works well, and when it doesn’t. I want to work to build on our city’s strengths and see what we can do to improve our sense of community. If we want to keep moving Rockland forward, we can’t afford to ignore anyone, and we need to discuss issues with openness and honesty,” he said.

Candidates need the signatures of 100 registered Rockland voters to get on the Nov. 8 ballot. Candidates have until Sept. 26 to collect the signatures to get on the ballot.