There is something special about fishing from a canoe. It is a simple watercraft that is still used today as it was hundreds of years ago. There is nothing better than paddling a well-built canoe on a small pond on a quiet morning, or under the setting sun in the evening as the sky reflects on the water’s surface.

You can also put a modern twist on this classic boat by outfitting it with a trolling motor, or even a gas motor. Even if you don’t have a square stern canoe, which is best suited to be propelled by a motor, you can still attach a motor with a side mount bracket on a canoe without the square stern. These can be purchased, or you can make one yourself.

My canoe is an old ’83 Lowe aluminum canoe. In my video below, I show how I set it up with an electric trolling motor for fishing. I then take it out and catch several bass, showing you can have a lot of fun fishing…even in an old antique canoe!


Ben Magee

My name is Ben Magee, I am a fishing and outdoor enthusiast, and have my Registered Maine Guide's license. I live in Levant with my family, and have lived in this town for most of my life. I have also...