Not voting for Trump

Sen. Susan Collins should be applauded for explaining why she would not be voting for Donald Trump. Many of us have been struggling with the same decision.

The idea of four more years of a Democratic administration with Hillary Clinton in charge made me want to support the Republican candidate. But Trump’s conduct before and after the convention left me doubting whether I could support him.

When I heard Collins explain why she could not support him, it made perfect sense to me. So, like Collins, I will not be voting for Trump this fall.

Kathryn Hicks


Liberal bigotry

It’s interesting that liberals such as Kevin Gardner know what “white people” want and can see the racism and bigotry in “white people” but not in themselves. Liberals can see the evil in the hearts of conservatives and hear the lies in Donald Trump’s words, but apparently are blinded by the righteous light of the Clintons, who are selfless civil servants without sin. Like Barack Obama, they walk on water.

David Smith


Poliquin plays politics

Rep. Bruce Poliquin continues to duck the key question, “Do you support Donald Trump?” even after Sen. Susan Collins has made it clear that Trump must not become our commander in chief. But this does not surprise me.

As the BDN editorialized on Nov. 1, “It’s not every day a congressman has the chance to advocate for a simple policy measure directly connected to something important to any congressman: the preservation of jobs in his district. But U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin had that chance, and he blew it.”

As the BDN made clear, Poliquin played politics with the Export-Import Bank to curry favor with fellow Republicans, even knowing that it would cost Bangor 80 jobs with General Electric. Poliquin plays at being a “moderate.” This is no time for gamesmanship — too much is at stake.

Ben Richmond


Walk to end Alzheimer’s

Last year, I wrote a letter to the editor describing my experience at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. My father is living with the disease and seeing him flourish among all the support and love of that day is a memory that I cherish.

Although a year has passed, my dad is why I’m registered to walk again this year. He still is my reason. More than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease. That’s 5 million reasons to register for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Maybe it’s your neighbor or friend. Maybe you’re like me and it’s your father.

Three million American women are living with the disease and another 10 million are caring for someone who has it. It could be your mom or your sister, your favorite teacher or your cherished aunt. Every 66 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s. Is it your best friend’s grandmother? Is it your cousin, your bus driver, your favorite athlete or movie star, your uncle? Maybe you?

The reasons to register for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Oct. 8 in Waterville are endless. What’s yours?

Laura Rivers

Old Town

Clinton supports sensible gun policy

I am surprised and discomfited by Sen. Susan Collins’ thoughts on possibly voting for a Libertarian presidential candidate.

Is all the hoopla around her support for sensible gun restrictions just hoopla and nothing else? Please consider all the lives of our fellow citizens lost and cast your vote for Hillary Clinton, the only candidate who openly supports sensible gun ownership.

Vivodh Anand