WASHINGTON, Maine — Fire departments from several towns are battling a fire that is consuming multiple buildings at a camp retreat.

The fire was reported shortly after 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Washington Advent Christian Camp in Washington. The first crews that arrived found multiple buildings on fire and multiple explosions.

Crews from Appleton, Hope, Jefferson, Liberty, Union and Whitefield are assisting the Washington Fire Department.

Pam Allen from the Second Advent Association that owns the property said the property includes a tabernacle, a dining hall, boys and girls residences and private cabins. She said she was informed about the fire but did not have any details. Two weeks during the year, in late July and early August, children attend the Christian camp.

The initial reports from the Fire Department were that the buildings on fire were unoccupied.

Former town official David Martucci said the camp is more than 100 years old and there are a couple dozen cabins on the site.

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