I will fight Trump

When I found out on Nov. 9 that Donald Trump was to be our president, I wore black all day. To mourn the inevitable downfall of our country. And to show my support for all people of color.

I am white. I am American. I am not afraid for myself. I am afraid for those who are not white and who are not American but called America a safe home until Nov. 9.

I attended the Women’s March on Washington, along with my whole family and thousands of other like-minded people in our country. I marched with people of every color and race, who are just people.

Everyone was happy, hopeful and joyful for the future of our once welcoming country. We will fight. I will fight. I hope Sen. Susan Collins will fight back, too.

Mia Sawyer

Southwest Harbor

Trump’s tax returns

I have resigned myself to a Trump presidency, though with considerable fear of the combination of his impetuosity and his ego.

So far, what he has said is damaging to the country’s need to have truthfulness and genuineness in what he says and does. One of his failures in these regards goes back to his promise to release his tax returns as soon as the IRS audit was completed.

His failure to do this makes me believe he has information to hide, perhaps concerning his investments overseas or charitable contributions or the amount of taxes he pays.

I suggest the BDN look into this and make the findings public. His repeated dismissal of all criticism is very troubling and certainly damages what is left of his credibility.

Ed Treworgy


Make health coverage universal

I implore Sen. Susan Collins to support the Affordable Care Act and to work to improve it.

Having worked in health care for the last 30 years, I have seen firsthand how vital the availability of good, high-quality health insurance is to our citizens. The peace of mind and sense of security that comes with it cannot be measured.

Some 20 million citizens have been able to turn to the Affordable Care Act to purchase affordable, quality insurance. We have to take the necessary steps to ensure this access continues going forward. I have heard many people here in Maine say it is the small businesses that are growing and driving our economy. It is these workers that directly benefit for this availability.

I have worked for large health care organizations that have always provided their workers with access to insurance. I am one of the lucky ones. If I were to break an ankle, I know I could have it repaired and be on my way in a day or two, and that is a great comfort to me. We are lucky in the Bangor area to have access to quality health care services provided by our exceptional facilities.

I encourage Collins to support and expand the Affordable Care Act to cover all of our citizens. I feel health care is a right for all, not just governmental employees or those that work for large businesses that offer health care as part of a benefits package.

Tim Conmee


Responsible energy investments

For the past month, I have joined with protesters in front of TD Bank branches in Rockland and Camden asking TD Bank to stop funding the Dakota Access Pipeline. I am doing this because I believe climate change is real and a threat to our economy and way of life here in midcoast Maine. TD Bank’s funding the construction of oil pipelines promotes climate change by delaying the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

Scientists have said for years that the burning of fossil fuels, such as oil, gas and coal, is fueling global climate change. But little has been done to slow this process. Today, we see the early impacts of climate change locally and globally.

Scientists tell us that because of climate change, the Gulf of Maine is warming more rapidly than our oceans as a whole and becoming more acidic. Fishermen working in Penobscot Bay and out in the gulf tell us species of fish from warmer southern waters are showing up in their traps and nets.

I use fossil fuels like everyone else, but I believe we have to get serious about shifting to energy sources such as solar and wind and funding energy efficiency as we transition to a sustainable economy. TD Bank and other financial institutions should show leadership by investing in a new sustainable energy economy rather than looking for short-term profits in the fossil fuel sector. Investing in technologies causing climate change is not a responsible energy development by TD Bank.

Sherm Hoyt

St. George

Fear mongering won’t make America safe

The fact that there have been zero fatal terrorist attacks on American soil by immigrants from the seven nations targeted by the Trump administration’s travel ban and that immigrants from nations such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, whose citizens have been involved in terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, were not included in the ban suggests this hasty action was at best poorly considered and at worst suggestive of ulterior motives by the administration.

Here in Maine, Gov. Paul LePage’s campaign against public general assistance for asylum seekers distracts from his legacy of legitimate conservative fiscal policy achievements.

Both policies send the wrong message about immigration and refugee resettlement at a time when the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and the Maine Development Foundation have recognized that immigrants represent a critical component of our state’s workforce.

Of surprise to me has been the fear exhibited by some in our communities who cherish our country and values, yet seem suddenly to have such little faith in the promise and power of America to assimilate the world’s poor and persecuted as it has for centuries.

While the vetting process for refugees should be enhanced to address a limited but recognized threat from radical Islamic groups, this executive order suggests policies based on fear and exclusion will help keep us safer. They will not.

Social programs that help immigrants understand and supplement our native culture foster trust and encourage these new community members as they continue to help build our local economy.

Nathan Dore