Two pinecone sculptures stolen from an outdoor Wells exhibit in August were returned to the site last week, Wells Reserve at Laudholm officials said. Credit: Courtesy of York County Coast Star

Two of the sculptures stolen from the Wells Reserve at Laudholm were returned last week, President of Laudholm Trust Nik Charov said.

The two galvanized steel pinecones, part of an outdoor art installation on the grounds of the reserve entitled “Power of Place” went missing in early August, along with a gold-plated oak leaf a few weeks later.

“The pinecones are back at the ‘Power of Place’ exhibition where they should be,” Charov said. “Their return reaffirms for us that art and nature is possible, and probable at Wells Reserve.”

Last Monday during a routine patrol of the grounds Charov discovered that the missing pinecone sculptures had been returned, tossed into the underbrush near the art installation.

“I was out measuring a sculpture for someone who bought it and I did a quick tour to see that nothing else had gone missing. I saw an angular object sticking out of the underbrush that hadn’t been there before,” Charov said.

He has no other details of who might have stolen or returned the sculptures, and he said game cameras along the trail were trained on the sculptures in place and not on the underbrush where the missing sculptures were tossed.

“They must have had burglars’ remorse,” Charov mused, adding Wells Reserve staff were very happy to have them back.

“The right thing was done,” he said.

The two galvanized steel pinecones created by artist Dan Dowd are valued at $750 each.

Still missing is a gold plated oak leaf sculpture by artist John Bowdren. It was stolen from atop an 8-foot wooden post on the Barrier Beach Trail at the reserve sometime during the last weekend in August. The gold-plated leaf, valued at $2,200, was removed from the post, and Charov said someone would have had to climb the post, or bring in a ladder.

People with any information on the sculpture that’s still missing should message Wells Reserve on social media or call the main number at (207) 646-1555, or contact the Wells Police Department at (207) 646-9354.

June LaCombe, an independent arts consultant specializing in sculpture in the New England region is the curator of the show at Wells Reserve at Laudholm, and she will be hosting two “walk with the curator” events on Monday, Oct. 9 and Monday, Oct. 16 at 11 a.m. The exhibit features over 60 sculptures from New England artists installed on the grounds and along the trails at the reserve.