This photo provided by the U.S. Geological Survey shows a Hawaii Volcano Observatory geologist recording a temperature of 103 degrees C (218 degrees F) at a crack along Nohea Street in Leilani Estates near the town of Pahoa, Hawaii, Wednesday, May 9, 2018. Geologists warned Wednesday that Hawaii's Kilauea volcano could erupt explosively and send boulders, rocks and ash into the air around its summit in the coming weeks. Credit: U.S. Geological Survey | AP

Here’s a roundup of all the national news, coming events and stories that will be talked about Thursday.

1. How high-stakes diplomacy played out

After months of anticipation, the release of three American detainees by North Korea is sealed only about an hour before the U.S. secretary of state is wheels-up from Pyongyang.

2. Michael Cohen’s woes deepen

Already under investigation for a hush payment to a porn actress, Trump’s longtime personal attorney is under legal and ethical scrutiny for apparently selling his expertise to companies seeking insight and access to the new president.

3. After tense hearing, Collins backs Trump’s CIA pick while King opposes her

Gina Haspel tells a Senate committee that she does not believe torture works and would not carry out any presidential order she thought was immoral.

4. Geologists warn of possible big bang

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano could erupt explosively and send boulders, rocks and ash into the air around its summit in the coming weeks.

5. Which strongman is back in power

An alliance of Malaysian opposition parties led by the country’s 92-year-old former authoritarian leader captures a fiercely contested general election.

6. Rockets target Israeli positions

Iranian forces based in neighboring Syria fire about 20 projectiles into the Golan Heights, but damage is minimal, Israel’s military says.

7. Why Zika testing is under review

Widespread screening of millions of blood donations for the virus netted only a few infections, according to new research that raises questions about whether the expensive testing should continue.

8. Walmart places $16B bet on Flipkart

The company takes control of the online retailer, enabling Walmart to reach shoppers in India’s massive consumer market directly.

9. NBC investigation of Matt Lauer finds ‘no evidence’ executives received complaints before November

NBC says an internal investigation ordered after the firing of Matt Lauer last November found no culture of sexual harassment in its news division.

10. Must-see matchup is a go

The series that everyone in the NBA apparently wanted to see — Warriors vs. Rockets in the Western Conference finals — is about to happen.

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