Brunswick police seized goats from a property on River Road on Monday and brought them to an undisclosed location. The goats were seized from the same property where police seized 44 dogs and birds earlier this month. Credit: Courtesy of Brunswick Police

Brunswick police on Monday seized three goats from the home on River Road, where they had seized 44 dogs and a bird earlier this month.

They also charged two more residents with cruelty to animals.

Homeowners Robert Enman and Nancy Enman, both 60, were charged Monday with the class D misdemeanors of failing to give animals necessary sustenance, failing to give animals necessary medical attention, failing to give animals proper indoor shelter, failing to give animals humanely clean conditions and endangering the welfare of a child, Brunswick police Cmdr. Mark Waltz said.

On Aug. 10, the Enmans’ son, Kyle Enman, and daughter-in-law, Diana Enman, were charged with the same crimes after police executed a search warrant at the home. Police and animal welfare agents seized 44 small- and large-breed dogs that officers said were living in cages stacked three or four high, with some of the cages “full of dogs.”

The dogs were being advertised locally as “small designer breeds” with a sale price of $500, Brunswick police Officer Kerry Wolongevicz said Monday.

“Most of the dogs were small breed mixes between chihuahuas, pomeranians, schnauzers, pugs and beagles, with a few larger breeds,” Wolongevicz said.

The 44 dogs, which ranged in age from 6 weeks old to probably 13 years old, suffered from “severe skin infections and skin problems like open sores and overgrown claws,” she said.

Robert and Nancy Enman were reportedly away at the time of the search.

The home was condemned that day by the town’s health officer, Deputy Chief Jeff Emerson of the Brunswick Fire Department.

State animal welfare agents on Aug. 10 issued Kyle Enman a notice requiring him to provide adequate food and water for the goats, but “as they were being checked on during the week, it became apparent they weren’t getting enough food and water,” Waltz said Wednesday.

Police and animal welfare agents returned Monday afternoon and took the goats to an undisclosed sanctuary, Waltz said.

Waltz said Wednesday that police initially investigated the home after receiving a report that a resident had killed a puppy.

A seizure hearing is scheduled for Sept. 4 in West Bath District Court to determine whether the animals will be returned to the family.

The Enmans are scheduled to appear in West Bath District Court on Nov. 6 to face the criminal charges.

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