A Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Police Department shoulder patch and badge. Credit: Deb Cram | Portsmouth Herald

PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire — An animal head inside a container, left at an Islington Street location Saturday, seems to be the result of littering and not some kind of threat, said police Sgt. Seth Tondreault.

Police were called about the head on Aug. 25 at 12:58 p.m. when a woman said she found it in a red plastic container, inside her gate at the end of her driveway, according to the public police log. Responding officers reported that, based on a visual inspection, the head appeared to have come from a slaughterhouse and was in the container to dry so it could be mounted as a display.

Tondreault said the head had horns and appeared to be from a steer.

The police log reports the resident did not know anyone who would leave the head as a threat. Tondreault said Monday that police first want to determine if the head was left to terrorize or threaten the resident and found no evidence that was the case. He said nothing similar was found elsewhere in the city.

“It seems to be more of a littering issue,” he said.

The police log notes the resident asked for the head and container to be removed. Tondrault said the Department of Public Works was notified and employees from that department removed the items for disposal.

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