Credit: Stock photo | Pexels

Mainers and other Americans continue to delay saying “I Do,” as the median age for a first marriage in the nation continues to climb, according to data released by the U.S. Census Bureau this week.

Nationally, the age for males rose to 29.8 in 2018, up from 26 in 2010. Females married at age 27.8 in 2018 compared with 24 in 2010.

The bureau did not break down marriage numbers by state this year. However, in 2017 the median age for males in Maine to marry was 30.1 compared with 29.1 in 2010. For females the age was 28.3 in 2017 compared with 27.3 in 2010.

The bureau cited shifts in the nation’s household and family structure, such as multiple generations living together and more people living alone as well as economic factors as some of the reasons to delay marriage. Married couples tend to have more money, the bureau said.

Additionally, how individuals got through the recession affected their marriage plans, for example, single millennials who struggled tended to live together, but delayed marriage.

The percentage of young adults who are married decreased in 2018, for example, 29 percent of those who are 18 to 34 were married compared with the 59 percent being married in 1978.

More young adults were living with an unmarried partner. In 2018, 15 percent of people from ages 25 to 34 lived with an unmarried partner, up from 12 percent in 2008. Among people from 18 to 24, cohabitation is now more prevalent than living with a spouse.

The number of single-person households rose to 35.7 million in 2018, comprising 28 percent of all households. Living alone was rare in 1960, when 13 percent of all households were single people.