Fight for common good

As Gov. Paul LePage and Gov.-elect Janet Mills once again fight over political issues, it is my belief if all the politicians used all of this energy fighting each other and maybe turned it around, they could use it to better the state of Maine and the United States. I think united means all working for a common good.

Patrick Flynn


Millett right about paid sick leave

I am thrilled to see Sen. Rebecca Millett taking the lead to ensure that all Mainers will be able to earn paid sick days. Currently, almost half of Maine’s workforce has no guarantee that they will be able to take a paid sick day when they are ill.

As a nurse, I see this as a serious public health concern. Even workers in the health care field do not always have paid sick days, and can infect patients as a result. We wear masks when we feel contagious, but it doesn’t mean we feel good enough to do our jobs well, to take care of sick people. Paid sick days would reduce the spread of the flu, which we all know was a nasty one last year.

Earned paid sick days will make Maine a healthier and happier place to live. I urge my legislators in Augusta to join Millett to pass legislation to provide five earned paid sick days annually for all Maine workers. We all deserve the ability to rest and recover without the risk of losing a job. It breaks my heart to think that some don’t have the freedom to take that advice.

Jane Chandler

Bryant Pond

Not so Belfast, project opponents

I am a 21-year-old woman who has been living in Belfast for 10 years. I volunteer regularly with two nonprofits in the Belfast community, as well as regularly working seven days a week at three downtown businesses. I currently am a leaseholder on a $1,010 a month three-bedroom apartment in downtown Belfast, where I have always had roommates to help me pay the full rent.

Recently, a group of local investors purchased the old Peirce School building with the intention of building it into “affordable” rental apartments. There has been a (small) outcry from several neighbors of the building that the project would lead to unfavorable traffic, noise and problems, as well as concern that the small apartment building would turn the neighborhood in to a “high-crime area.”

It is time for a wake-up call for these louder — but minority — Belfast residents. I am the kind of person who rents an apartment in this price range, and that being said, I cannot afford it alone. The idea that a $1,500 a month rental is now considered “affordable housing” is ludicrous and a warning to me that perhaps the city councilors are growing out of touch with the constituents they serve — though I hope I’m wrong.

The idea that the people attracted to these rentals would be more likely to be criminals because of their income is a blatant attack on those with “less.”

Maggie Goscinski


Grateful after my stroke

I had a stroke during the early hours of Feb. 14, 2018. I couldn’t get off the bed without falling. My speech was extremely slurred and I was throwing up. To say the least, I was in trouble. My wife called 911 and the ambulance came from Milo and picked me up and transported me to Mayo hospital in Dover. The EMTs were extremely professional and caring.

I really didn’t know what was going on, but the doctor and nurses were excellent. They stabilized my vitals and I was transferred by ambulance to the VA in Togus.

We’ve heard all of the rumors about the VA hospitals in the United States, so I was extremely concerned to say the least. To all the veterans in the state of Maine who had concerns about the VA in Togus, I would like to put their fears to rest.

The doctors and nurses were topnotch. They were very professional as well as caring during my seven days there. I also saw the staff with other veterans and they were very well taken care of. I would give the VA in Togus five stars out of five for my treatment and care I received there.

I later went to EMMC in the rehab unit, and I knew I had plenty of work to do. I was at EMMC for seven days and everyone I had contact with was excellent. I owe my life to the VA in Togus and the rehab specialist at EMMC.

Richard Martin