Credit: Katie Smith | Bangor Metro

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we make plans to give our loved ones chocolates, candies and sweet cards. But why not give our home some love, too?

I’ve always enjoyed doing a craft and decorating a bit for Valentine’s Day to make my house feel more festive around this time of year. It seems as though Valentine’s Day gets snubbed a bit as it comes on the heels of Christmas and New Year’s — everyone seems to be tapped out once the middle of February rolls around.

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Change that.

Making a fun and easy heart-shaped garland with the kids or by yourself to hang on the mantle, banister or over a window will add a whimsical touch to your home.

Credit: Katie Smith | Bangor Metro

DIY Heart Garland


7 wooden heart cutouts from craft store. You can also cut out heart shapes from a sturdy piece of cardboard.

Yarn of choice. I like something on the thick or bulky side, but anything will do.

Contrasting leather ribbon, regular ribbon, or thread will work. I used leather ribbon found in the jewelry section of the craft store.


Glue (optional)

Making The Garland

Begin by wrapping the yarn around the heart any way you’d like. The goal here is to be whimsical, not perfect. I like letting some of the wood or cardboard show through as it gives the grand some texture.

After wrapping, tuck in loose ends and add a dot of glue to keep them more secure.

When you’ve wrapped them all with yarn, wrap with a bit of your contrasting thread or ribbon and tuck in loose ends.

Take a piece of yarn of desired length (measure where you want to hang it first) and thread into each of your hearts making a garland.

Hang it up and admire.

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