Credit: Dreamstime | TNS

A Limington man accused of killing his neighbor with a machete nearly three years ago is asking a judge to suppress evidence gathered as a result of a search warrant.

The Journal Tribune reports that Bruce Akers, 60, claimed in his motion to suppress that the lifting by York County sheriff’s deputies of a weather covering from a window in the camper in which he was sleeping on June 11, 2016, amounted to an illegal search.

Akers is accused of killing his neighbor 55-year-old Douglas Flint with a machete on June 9, 2016, and hiding his body under a pile of rotting deer carcasses, according to court documents cited in the Tribune.

Akers had suspected Flint of stealing a six-pack of alcohol, and the two reportedly disputed over property boundaries, according to the Tribune.

York County sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Steven Thistlewood testified that he and two other deputies, Robert Carr and Sgt. Mathieu Nadeau, had gone to Akers’ property to search for Flint after his family reported him missing. While standing outside a camper on Akers’ property, Thistlewood said that they heard a sound coming from inside it and lifted a weather covering from the window and identified himself as a police officer, the Tribune reports.

He said Akers complied with a request to exit the camper and speak with them about Flint. Thistlewood told the court that Akers said “the guy just wouldn’t leave me alone,” according to the Tribune.

A search of Akers property by the Maine State Police later turned up Flint’s body under the pile of deer carcasses, the Tribune reports.

Lawyers representing Akers asked York County Superior Court Justice Wayne Douglas to suppress any evidence gathered under the search warrant, but prosecutors said no evidence was gathered as a result of the deputies lifting the weather covering, according to the Tribune.