Sharing love and kindness

As we grew from childhood to adulthood, most of us felt that what was needed was a happy home filled with the ones we love; our plan for our lives.

At this time of the year, we reflect on our past, current and future lives. Our goal in our existence was to one day, hopefully, attain these desires.

It’s Christmas! Those of us who share this happy lifestyle readily enjoy this season. Sadly, there are those who don’t.

I hope, if possible, these people can somehow parallel this idea; maybe with the help of others sharing their love and kindness.

Ronald Ferri


Trump actions warrant impeachment

I believe that President Donald J. Trump violated the public trust for his personal and political gain, has committed obstruction of Congress and has abused his power repeatedly.

Last summer he boasted, “Then I have Article II, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president.” These are the words of an authoritarian, not a president. The Washington Post has documented more than 15,000 false or misleading claims he has made since taking office. He is a narcissist in words and actions. He seems to thrive on attention and lashes out like a bully ( even to children) if questioned, upstaged or criticized. While praising authoritarians and dictators, Trump recoils before our allies. It is appalling that our president encouraged Russia, Ukraine (apparently trying to shakedown the Ukrainian president by withholding approved aid for political gain) and China to investigate political rivals.

Trump still refuses to disclose his tax returns to the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, has used Trump properties to accrue wealth from the U.S. government and from foreigners (arguably in violation of the emoluments clause), admitted in a $2 million settlement that his charitable foundation misused funds for political purposes, and his former personal attorney pleaded guilty to campaign violations.

I hope that justice will be served and will also win over Trump’s personal assaults on many women and his defense of white supremacists. He is a divider and his actions hurt America.

From my perspective, the two articles of impeachment are only the tip of the iceberg and his actions warrant impeachment, trial and removal from office.

Chris Stark


Golden working to lower prescription drug costs

On occasion, I hear from constituents and others that Congress is not getting anything done. However, our U.S. Rep. Jared Golden has been working every day to protect our health care, promote jobs with good wages and benefits and help Mainers navigate the federal bureaucracy.

Most recently, his support for H.R. 3, The Lower Drug Costs Now Act, shows his commitment to making prescription drugs more affordable for Mainers. For people on Medicare, H.R. 3 would lower drug prices by allowing Medicare to negotiate fair drug prices. It would also cap out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions for Maine’s many seniors. Notably, it would also prevent price gouging for life-saving medication, like we have recently seen with insulin, which has left some patients rationing their doses. This can lead to serious medical episodes, and death.

The Lower Drug Costs Now Act will not change how you get your prescriptions, who prescribes your medications or who controls your health care decisions — and it will not prevent medical research.

As a retired nurse practitioner in Calais, I provided care in one of the most rural, economically deprived and elderly populations in the state. Every day, I saw patients worried about their access to health care and ability to pay for their prescriptions. In some cases, they are deciding whether to buy medication or food. Americans and especially seniors should not be put in this situation. This piece of legislation is a necessary and important bill, and we should all be grateful to Golden for supporting it.

Rep. Anne Perry