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Not in this alone

The United States is falling behind. Right now, our country has the highest number of both coronavirus cases and confirmed deaths, and numbers are continuing to rise throughout the nation. Moreover, unlike our fellow advanced nations, we are doing little to aid developing countries who are also trying to fight the virus. The European Union recently launched a package that will provide developing nations with over $16 billion dollars in aid. Where were we when this was going on? Fighting over whether or not we should be wearing masks.

Currently, there is a piece of legislation circulating through Congress, the Global Health Security Act, that would help address global infectious diseases that are ravaging the world. Right now we are righting the coronavirus, but there will be more pandemics in the future. We must learn from our past and current mistakes and better prepare ourselves for when that time comes. Please call your representatives, asking them to cosponsor this bill.

Sophie van Leeuwen


Still alarmed about fish farm

Professor Damien Brady’s assertion in a July 6 BDN article that the daily discharge of 7.7 million gallons of Nordic Aquafarms Inc. waste water will not materially affect the entirety of Belfast Bay misses the point that the specific shallow (35 feet Mean Low Water) corner of the bay at the mouth of the Little River into which that discharge is planned has a very low rate of tidal and current turnover.

Dispersion of that daily discharge could require at least 14 days (based on Nordic’s own analysis) which means a constant plume of over 100 million gallons of warm nitrogen-rich effluent could persist just off the residential shores of Belfast and Northport, a threat to economically important marine life, not to mention algae formation.

Although his analysis was not meant to address the ecological, economic and environmental damage on land that will be caused by Nordic, those of us who live here remain alarmed by that as well.

Sidney Block


Blame the professors

The terrible turmoil rampaging through our beautiful nation today can trace its origins to the university. I believe academia has an enormous debt to pay for the great harm it has inflicted on our country. After the Sixties, we filled our colleges with radical professors from the very ranks of the worst radicals. Over time, American history ceased being taught, the value of Western culture was denied, love of country and traditional mores and values were mocked, and religion and religious thought were pretty much absent from the curriculum.

Today, we reap what we have sowed. Children who have gone to college to receive an indoctrination, not an education. We have achieved anarchy!

As a boy, I sold newspapers on the streets of Bangor during the second world war. We were all patriotic; as a soldier in Korea during the Korean War we had a disciplined Army. Then came the sixties and all hell broke loose.

I do not believe that racism is cured by rioting, looting, burning destroying property and tearing down statues. I do not believe that all cops are racist. Where racism exists, root it out and punish the offenders but do not persist in the error that we are all bad.

This is a great country and to borrow from Victor Hanson, because we are not perfect does not mean that we are not good. The first duty of any government is to maintain law and order, that to me is the first order of business, then pursuit of real honest justice can be achieved.

William D. Duddy


Thankful for Mills

We in Maine have been spared the brunt of the coronavirus epidemic, but it’s not luck. Our governor has flatly refused to be bullied by noxious right wing noise, self interested business owners, and even the pressure from Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker to change course and open earlier.

She has relied on public health science to keep her constituents as safe as possible and so far has succeeded, by and large. If Paul LePage were still governor right now, I believe we’d be Florida, awash in infection and death. Gov. Janet Mills has my thanks.

Lisa Keenan

South Portland