The federal government began sending stimulus money to individuals on Jan. 1, 2021.This file photo shows last April's stimulus checks issued by the Internal Revenue Service to help combat the adverse economic effects of the coronavirus outbreak. Credit: Eric Gay / AP

The federal government began sending out the latest round of stimulus money on Jan. 1 to help individuals and families cope with the adverse financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many Mainers used their first stimulus check last April to pay for daily necessities or rent. Some saved it. With the virus in its 11th month in the state and infections and deaths still high, are Mainers using the money for other purposes now?

The Bangor Daily News wants to hear from you about your plans for the stimulus money and how you made your decision. Tell us whether the virus has caused you to change your budget and financial plans for 2021. Is the money enough to help? If not, what else is needed? Join the conversation by answering the questions below.