It’s a wild, scary world out there, especially if you’re a deer, and it seems like everything (and everybody) is out to eat you.

Today’s trail camera gem comes from Annette Schroeder, who shared a video she took at Prospect Creek Ranch in Bolivar, Texas.

Is this deer a bit skittish? You might say so.

In the beginning of this vid, the deer grazes happily (if cautiously), apparently on the lookout for any predators that might want to do it harm.

But when the deer is suddenly illuminated by headlights, the whole scene changes, as the deer looks around, appears to see its own shadow, and bolts for cover.

Who can blame him, though? That shadow deer was a monster, and would have been tough to drive off in a fight for territorial rights.

This deer was, quite simply, scared of its own shadow. Never thought I’d see it, but it just goes to prove, you never know what you’ll find on your trail camera.

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