Just when you begin to think you’ve seen just about everything on a trail camera video or photo, you find out how very wrong you are.

Today’s offering, from Grant Critchfield, features a surprising duo — a raccoon and a rattlesnake — and it’s practically guaranteed to be a Bangor Daily News reader favorite.

Pro tip: For best results, turn the volume way, way up.

“I saw online that you like unique trail camera video and thought I’d send this to you. I post trail cam videos from my place in central Texas on my YouTube channel (Grant Critchfield’s Texas Trail Cams) and this shows a raccoon surprising a rattlesnake,” Critchfield said.

On his YouTube page, Critchfield offers up a little bit more description of the video.

“I get dozens of raccoon segments every week and normally discard them unless something special happens. This was a surprise interaction between two species, a raccoon and a western diamondback rattlesnake. I know it happens regularly in the field, but I never thought about capturing it on video. Just cool to see,” he said.

“I think both animals were equally surprised with the other. Mother Nature will always show you something you didn’t expect. You just gotta be outside and pay attention to things around you. I seldom get snakes by themselves since they generally move too slowly to set off the camera unless a secondary animal (like the raccoon) turns the camera on first. FYI — neither animal was injured in this encounter. The raccoon ambled away without a care and the snake was never seen again.”

Critchfield said visitors who head to his YouTube page can find all kinds of trail cam gems.

“If you go back into July of 2019 and 2018 you can see Great Plains rat snakes catching bats on the fly as they exit my bat cave for an evening of hunting flying insects,” he said.

And Critchfield offered up a gracious invitation.

“If you ever come to Texas and want to crawl into a cave with bats, snakes, scorpions and other cool things, let me know. I can fix you up,” Critchfield said. “All of the above listed animals have a much worse reputation than reality and it’s actually a cool experience for the outdoor types.”

That may be true. And I may be a claustrophobic chicken. Thanks for the invitation, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to pass.

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John Holyoke

John Holyoke has been enjoying himself in Maine's great outdoors since he was a kid. He spent 28 years working for the BDN, including 19 years as the paper's outdoors columnist or outdoors editor. While...