University of Maine-Farmington graduating senior Avery Boucher. Courtesy of UMF

FARMINGTON — University of Maine at Farmington graduating senior Avery Boucher transformed his five-credit, Environmental Policy and Planning internship into a full-time career at the Rangeley Historical Society starting in May.

The internship lasted the challenging summer of 2020. Instead of going home to Williston, Vermont that summer, he pursued this position that provided Boucher with an income while also gaining credits at UMF. Avery’s employers were so pleased with his work as a UMF intern, they chose to hire him full-time post-graduation.

“An internship is required for my major and was a great starting point for me,” said Boucher. “I really gained in skills and confidence and now I will be starting my professional career full-time at the Rangeley Historical Society beginning next month.”

One of many reasons Boucher chose UMF was for the New England Regional Student Program. This program allows students from the six New England states, who are enrolled in some programs not offered by their home-state public colleges or universities, to pay a reduced tuition rate. This made the college program he was passionate about more affordable.

“UMF was an affordable choice for me and its location in the Maine mountain region was just what I was looking for,” said Boucher.

Jesse Minor, a professor of Geography & Environmental Planning, had Boucher in several classes. “Avery always connected our course themes and projects to his love of the outdoors and his career goals,” said Minor.

While at UMF, Boucher was involved with the campus community, committed to his academics, and spent much of his free time enjoying the UMF Mainely Outdoors program. Run by the UMF Fitness & Recreation Center, the program offers students the opportunity to rent equipment like mountain bikes, paddleboards, skis, and more at no cost. The program also runs trips around the greater Farmington area: hiking, biking, canoeing, and more.

“The UMF outdoor recreation program has provided me with so much, an internship opportunity at Activity Maine, the ability to enjoy a range of exciting outdoor trips with others, and a paid position on campus,” said Boucher.

Boucher is also on the Freeride Team as a skier at UMF. All UMF students are provided with a free season pass to Titcomb Mountain. That is where the University ski and snowboard teams practice and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

“As a freshman, I was introduced to Titcomb Mountain, just about five minutes away from campus, for the first time,” said Boucher. “There I was able to spend time developing skills, practicing with teammates, and engaging with the community. I had a great experience at UMF.”

This profile of Avery Boucher was researched and written by graduating senior Faith Rouillard. Faith is completing her paid internship with the UMF Marketing & Communications Office where she is acquiring a myriad of hands-on marketing and communications skills. To contact her for more information about this article, email her at