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Focus on solutions, not grievances

Too many of us see every issue through a lens of old and new grievances. Too many of our political leaders encourage this. It is important for us to remember old wrongs, and it is important that we be aware of current wrongs. However, it does little good if we demonize those who disagree with us.

Instead, we should seek to communicate with our opponents and to persuade them to see facts as we know them. In the process, we may learn facts that may change our own point of view. We must learn to focus upon possible solutions to our problems, other than how we dislike the other fellow. He does what he does because of how he sees the facts. We both may change our points of view if we openly explore the facts and possible solutions as we both see them.

Some politicians have discovered that they can exploit the grievances that exist among us as we may be described by race, class, origin or region. We must call these people out, reject their calls to grievance, and elect leaders who will focus upon solutions which will unite us.

John Ashby Morton

Little Deer Isle

Response to Andrews

This is regarding Maine’s only Libertarian lawmaker, Rep. John Andrews of Paris, who, according to an account in the June 3 BDN was afforded the opportunity to wear a mask on the first day of the new legislative session, but refused. His refusal then delayed House proceedings.

It’s one thing to disagree with policy. It’s quite another as an elected representative to show so little respect for the office he holds and for the people who put him there.

His appalling attitude is the equivalent of a child holding his breath because he disagrees with a parent’s directive. I say to Rep. Andrews: “Grow up.”

Richard Douglas

Fort Kent

Reduce barriers to health coverage

As a physician and a surgeon, I have seen firsthand how harmful not having health insurance can be on a patient’s well being. If people are uninsured, medical emergencies can leave them with thousands of dollars in medical debt. But what’s more, not having insurance can prevent them from getting preventive care, oftentimes causing treatable conditions to become life threatening.

Many of the uninsured and underinsured people in Maine are eligible for free or reduced cost health insurance plans, but they don’t always know how to find out if they are eligible or how to navigate the enrollment process. For a lot of my constituents and patients, the process is too burdensome and confusing. For those without internet access or who are uncomfortable using technology, health coverage enrollment can be particularly challenging.

We deserve a state government that is working to reduce barriers to health care coverage. That’s why I have sponsored a bill, LD 1390, to make it easier for eligible Mainers to navigate the process of enrolling in free and reduced-cost health insurance plans. I am honored that the Legislature’s Health Insurance, Coverage and Financial Affairs Committee gave bipartisan approval to this bill, and I look forward to it becoming law.

Rep. Richard Evans