Backpacks line a hallway in Hampden's Weatherbee School on the first day of school, August 31, 2021 Credit: Lia Russell / BDN

As the school year begins, we’re checking with parents around the state to make sure we’re covering the topics that matter the most.

As a parent myself, of a kindergartener and a third grader in two different schools, I have lots of questions. How do I get to know teachers when I can’t meet with them in person? With COVID-19 spreading in Maine again, how safe — or not — are my unvaccinated children? How might a vaccine for elementary kids affect the months ahead?

What about you? What information do you need that’s hard to get? How can we help?

We’re organizing an online listening session on Sept. 21 at 7 p.m., to bring parents together in conversation. The discussion will help BDN journalists get a better sense of what’s driving your daily decision making and news consumption. We’re hosting it in the evening to make it as friendly as we can for working parents.

If you’re interested in participating, or just sharing your thoughts without attending the session, fill out the survey below 👇. On the survey you can say whether or not you want to attend the listening session.