BANGOR – “The Nite Show with Danny Cashman” is opening its audience doors to the public for the first time in 18 months. Maine’s only late night talk show’s next live taping is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 29, and while the audience will still be restricted, it’s the first time since March of 2020 that the general public can get tickets.

“In all seriousness, trying to produce a comedy show in a pandemic is perhaps a bit more difficult than we expected,” said Nite Show host Danny Cashman. “Late last season, we were permitted to welcome back a small, invite-only audience, and hearing laughter and appreciation again was an incredible feeling. Opening the doors a little wider to include the general public while maintaining safety is something we’re all looking forward to doing.”

Tickets for The Nite Show are free and available on the show’s website, Audience members will be required to wear masks throughout the taping, and the audience size will still be limited, allowing for social distancing opportunities. 

“I remember a specific moment during our invite-only audience taping last year where it dawned on me that nobody in our crowd had heard live music in about a year,” said Cashman. “That was a powerful thought. With that in mind, we have some amazing music on top for this first taping of our 12th season.” 

Tom “Bones” Malone, a music composer, arranger, and performer who was instrumental in the music from The Blues Brothers and has been a member of The Blues Brothers Band, the Saturday Night Live Band, and David Letterman’s CBS Orchestra will return to The Nite Show for this taping. He will talk about his career and will sit in with Brian Nadeau & The Nite Show Band as well. 

“Tom is amazing,” said Cashman. “He loves music. He loves showbiz. He loves entertainment. And, he loves Brian Nadeau & The Nite Show Band. It’s exciting to bring him back to our stage.”

Also on the docket for the three shows being taped Wednesday night are 50-state marathon runner Mary Dysart-Hartt, music from Dick Clark, and a performance by the first musical guest on the show 11 years ago, Hallowell-based Alter Igor.

“They might not know this, but Alter Igor played a big part in inspiring The Nite Show’s return to TV,” said Cashman. “They are recording their performance Wednesday night on a show that will air on the 11th anniversary of this version of The Nite Show.”

The Nite Show is one of very few locally produced shows to use a late night talk show format. Modeled after shows done by Johnny Carson, David Letterman, and Conan O’ Brien, the current version of the 30-minute weekly show features a 6-piece house band (Brian Nadeau & The Nite Show Band), a live announcer/co-host (Christie Robinson), and many elements familiar to late night television viewers. 

The Nite Show has gone through a number of COVID-forced changes over the past 18 months, including time broadcasting from Cashman’s basement, a conference room, and later back at the home base of The Gracie Theatre in Bangor, but without a live audience. 

The Nite Show with Danny Cashman originates from The Gracie Theatre in Bangor and is broadcast statewide. The show is seen Saturday nights in Bangor at 11:30 on WABI-TV5 (CBS); Saturday nights in Portland at 10:30 on WPFO, FOX 23, and 1 a.m. on WGME CBS 13; and in Presque Isle on Saturday nights at 11 on WWPI NBC 16.

The Nite Show with Danny Cashman has regularly ranked as the #1 show on Saturday late nights in Eastern & Central Maine through WABI TV in Bangor. The Nite Show with Danny Cashman received the first Arts & Culture Award from the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce in January of 2020, and Telly Awards for excellence in TV/Film Entertainment in 2016 and 2021. The Nite Show has also been nominated for nine New England Regional EMMY Awards and the Fusion:Bangor FLAVA on two occasions. The show is produced by students and faculty from the New England School of Communications at Husson University in Bangor.

The Nite Show with Danny Cashman is a production of Cashman Communications, in association with Gray Broadcasting, INC.