In this 2018 file photo, Heather Carter, director of prevention and youth programs for the National Alliance on Mental Illness Maine Chapter, speaks to attendees during her Mental Health First Aid Training on Feb. 8 at ACAP's Presque Isle office. Credit: Melissa Lizotte / The Star-Herald

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I recently had another bout of severe depression for a few days. It is in some ways my “normal” for most of my adult life. I will be 75 in March.

Over the years I have tried to educate the people who are closest to me and who are aware of my diagnosis on how to help me. What to say and what not to say. It has worked and takes the pressure off them when they might not have had any idea of what to do when this happens to me.

The “How do I communicate when someone is depressed” page on the  Families for Depression Awareness website says it best. Anyone who knows someone with a diagnosis like mine should read this page. It is short but spot on.  

Dave Winslow