If you’re anything like me, you might have some trouble seeing white-tailed deer in the wild — at least long enough to appreciate their behavior.

During the November firearms hunting season, they’ll hear or see me coming and bound off into the sunset. The encounters tend to be brief.

Lucky for me, and you, we have a friend whose trail cameras don’t seem to bother deer in the least.

Barak Gurney of Old Town, who recently provided us with a video of a 13-point buck making its nighttime rounds, was kind enough to give us another clip.

This one features a couple of young bucks out helping themselves to some of nature’s “salad.”

Judging from the size of the deer and the similarity of their antlers, these two may well be siblings. And for the time being, they’re content to roam the woods together while fueling up for another active day.

Eventually, they’re likely to quite literally be knocking heads as they compete for does. But for now, they’re hanging out and appear to be getting along famously.

Thank you, Barak, for sharing the video!

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Pete Warner

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