In this Oct. 28, 2020 file photo, Google's CEO Sundar Pichais appears on a screen as he speaks remotely during a hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington. Credit: Greg Nash / Pool via AP

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The U.S. Congress is considering legislation aimed at restricting the technology platforms relied upon by consumers and families across the country. These bills would ultimately add bureaucratic red tape and complicated processes that could make it more expensive, confusing and time consuming to perform online tasks.

They would also place control of much of the internet in the hands of the government. While some of the ideas included are laudable, they also take aim at a large swath of technological conveniences that save people time and money.

These legislative proposals would erase some of the much-loved, and consumer top rated features that technology has provided for us. The “equal treatment” principle would force companies to drastically alter the services. Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping would not be available for certain products. Google map results would no longer appear in search results, and Google Maps would also be barred from showing top-rated establishments in your area as a result of the “equal treatment” principle. Cross posting on Facebook and Instagram would no longer be possible. Apple would be blocked from pre-installing any apps on their phones, including the “Find My iPhone” feature.

It is important that people’s representatives in Congress understand the need to oppose harmful, potentially dangerous legislation that allows the government to break important internet tools. Instead of focusing on policies that would promote economic prosperity and help American families, these bills would only make navigating the internet and using the tools we have come to know and love more difficult.

Andre Cushing

County Commissioner

Penobscot County