DEXTER – Once again Wayside Grange & Theatre has received a generous donation from McKusick Petroleum in Dover-Foxcroft for 2022 to help us continue our projects. Our heartfelt thanks to John and the gang!

In continued concern about the vagaries of the COVID virus we have put together a schedule of six great concerts that we are sponsoring at the Center Theatre on the last Saturday of each month throughout the summer and fall. These Maine bands include: 

May 28 – Brooks & Kennedy playing classic & acoustic country  

June 25 – Mes Amis playing acoustic Gypsy swing 

July 30 – Denny Breau is know as a master guitar player/singer 

Aug. 27 – David Dodson is a singer/songwriter featuring folk music 

Sept. 24 – The Old Blues Kats is a blues duo 

Oct. 29 – Rock Hearts is a bluegrass band.

The doors open at the Centre Theatre in Dover-Foxcroft at 6:30 p.m. and the concerts begin at 7 p.m. and you can call for reservations at 207-564-8943 or check out Center Theatres website at 

Wayside Grange & Theatre has been able to help our performers a little bit in 2021 by sharing the admission of  the attending concert goers and Wayside Grange & Theatre covering other expenses. It has been difficult times for live music and we want to do what we can to support our musical friends. The reason we have rented Center Theatre is to guarantee, as best we can, that any COVID restrictions that come along do not limit the audience size for these folks who need to keep body and soul together. For instance, the 6-foot distance regulation would have the effect of drastically lowering the seating capacity of our Grange Hall Theatre and that would be unfair to the great singers and players who travel here. Let us all hope that this scourge lets up! 

Wayside Grange & Theatre recently voted to use our comfortable and cozy Grange Hall in North Dexter this summer for as many small events as the COVID regulations will allow going forward. If you know of a band,  theatre group, debate club, or social group that would like to practice or perform to an audience of ninety or less, or just use the hall for music jams or sound checks please contact Grange Master Dave Pearson at 207-924-5035 and we can try to work something out for them.  

Also, if you would like to join Wayside Grange & Theatre and/or volunteer call Pearson or check out our Facebook page at 

The Grange volunteers have improved access by putting in a ground level entrance and a chair lift and refurbished the grand old eight burner Grange stove. Plans are also afoot to put on at least two of the old fashioned grange hall public suppers that folks loved. 

The Saturday morning yard sales will be back (schedule soon to be finalized) and we will try to keep the Hall buzzing as much as the state pandemic authorities permit during COVID times.  

Keep watching our Facebook page for events – and come on down! Put down that remote and laugh along with us!